The fifteen most read articles in Colgadosporelfutbol 2013

The fifteen most read articles in Colgadosporelfutbol 2013
The devil is often present in the Turkish hell of Istanbul.

The 2013 and it is practically history and the end of the year, in Colgadosporelfutbol, we review what has happened in this, your web. Thus, on the last day of the year, we bring the 15 most read articles from more than 1400 items that are in Colgados, during the 2013. If you wanna read some of them, you can do so by clicking on the headline. Thank you very much for having read this year that leaves. Happy 2014.

1- The 10 best interests of the World

With 123.427 readings, is by far the most widely read article Colgadosporelfutbol. published 6 May 2013, He did not leave anyone indifferent turning Trending Topic in Mexico during the afternoon 15 of May. A tough rivalry between Tigres and Rayados of Monterrey, made even left tendency in the Mexican city and saliéramos on the news of Mexico.

2-The players who more charge

With 102.678 readers and published the 28 of May, the salaries of the stars, was the second most searched topic on our website. How charged by Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and company?. Click on the headline will know.

The players who more charge.
The players who more charge.

3-Most players in the world bajitos

With 98.561, bajitos the most players in the world, He took third place in the particular podium during Colgados 2013. published 7 of March, you talk about the size of some of the cracks of the ball, big in talent but not in height. Miral.

4-The 10 best Mexican players in recent decades

97.943 This article was read times during the 2013. published 15 of May, the list of the best Mexican players of the past 30 years was the fourth most visited article of the year on the web. as, the vast majority of visitors came from the Aztec country.

Hugo Sanchez tops the list of the best Mexican.
Hugo Sanchez tops the list of the best Mexican.

5-The world's top players by position

93.222 readings received the list of the best post players when the team at Colgadosporelfutbol. published 24 June 2013, as always we not leave anyone indifferent.

6-Teams qualified for the World

89.856 you visit received nothing more and nothing less than the list of teams already qualified for the World Cup in Brazil 2014. published 24 June and updated 21 November with all repescas closed, thousands of users decided to look at Colgadosporelfutbol, the names of 32 countries will meet in Brazil.

7-The most muscular players in the world

87.245 users pricked in this article where the strongest players, at least in appearance, They exhibited their musculatures. published 25 of May, The article aroused the less curious.

The more muscular players

8-The most beautiful women, sexy and explosive footballers

86.988 readers read this interesting article where we showed some of the beautiful women who swarm to the side of the players. And, we recognize, We went something like “roses” In this article I posted a hot day 28 of May, at the dawn of summer. By the way, It was part 1, as there is logic one 2.

9-Euro naked women

84.932 curious decided to read this article that is difficult to leave anyone indifferent. posted a 22 of July, in summer, the temperature rises. See for yourself.

10-The teams with bigger budgets of the world and the richest owners

80.112 This article was read times during 2013. published 23 of May, the issue really aroused some curiosity. Yes you you think so, Miral.

11-The worst signings in the history of Real Madrid

80.089 visits received the list of some of the most notorious errors that wore white T-shirt giant during the year 2013. published 10 of June, It contains some names of some that many people do not remember that ever played in Real Madrid.

The worst signing in the history of Real Madrid.
The worst signing in the history of Real Madrid.

12-The debts of Spanish teams

74.820 Sometimes it was seen this news, certainly one of the worst things 2013. published 30 of July, will continue to speak during the 2014, safe.

13-Taller players

70.111 punctures received this interesting article where we tell you who are the highest rates playing in the major leagues of football. It was released a 4 July and promises to continue to receive visits.

14-Gypsies in football

68.905 you visit received this issue from its publication on a hot afternoon of a 30 of July. You know what big cracks of world football are gypsies?, enter and see.

15-The most handsome players in world football (part 1)

65.228 He was pricked times this curious article about the most handsome guys who have stepped on or stepped on a football field. Published almost a year ago, a cold 22 from January, Article delighted them and they. As in the explosive women, There are of course part two, we recommend you read.

David Beckham, a regular handsome.
David Beckham, a regular handsome.
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Alberto Llopis

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