The best goalkeepers in football history

Los mejores porteros de la historia del fútbol
Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in history. FOTO:

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¿Quiénes son the best goalkeepers in football history? They are often the forgotten. The saving games and just take headlines. No score goals, They do not make impossible turns but few good teams have won major titles without a good goalkeeper under the posts.

Precisamente, find out who they are los mejores guardametas de la historia is the topic to be discussed in the next post. Of different nationalities, with different characteristics and different times, to some of the best.

The best goalkeepers in football history

Lev Yahsin: la Black spider tops this peculiar list. He does it because he was a pioneer, a big star and the only goalkeeper to have been able to Golden Ball. High Security, agile by low, with great leadership qualities this Russian myth that going for ice hockey goalie is recognized almost unanimously as the best ever. Disputó 326 parties which left the door to 0 en 270. He stopped over 150 penalty shootout. Always dressed in black, They say it was the first to wear gloves routinely, lo cual sin embargo, It is not quite correct.

Gordon Banks: el autor de la “stop of the century” to Pele. English is a goalkeeper is rare and even more to be one of the best ever. But Gordon Banks can tutear any the sticks. And all of this, despite playing in Leicester, his great handicap in his long career. Banks was quick and very safe with reflections, as both banks of England.

Gianluigi Buffon: world champion 2006, Gigi is a life insurance that has been designated up to four times best goalkeeper in the world. Alto, sobrio, friend and foe effectiveness of showmanship, there are many who consider that with Zoff is the best Italian goalkeeper in history. Apenas, no weaknesses, which is your worst stopping the penalty.

Michel Preud'homme: big words for this Belgian goalkeeper of the decade of the 80 y 90. Agile, fast very fast and that blocaba not cleared. Possibly, one of the most technical goalkeepers that the world of football has given together with his compatriot Jean-Marie Pfaff, one of the men who should be on this list. A porter who gave itself tournaments like this Recopa of 88 con el clean. They called him Saint, It was something.

Iker Casillas: another saint or “santo”, European champions Spain twice and two with Real Madrid. Winning World, always starring role. His hands have done miracles when they needed their equipment. A goalkeeper with great reflexes, that came to seem unbeatable. It is for many the best goalkeeper in the history of Spain.

mejores porteros de la historia de España
Iker Casillas is for many one of the best goalkeepers in history. FOTO:

Ladislao Mazurkiewicz: Black Spider in his farewell match put his gloves on a transfer of power. No era para menos. Ladislao Mazurkiewicz He was lithe, fast with very good reflexes and architect of so many titles won by Peñarol, among them, the Copa Libertadores. Voted best goalkeeper of the World Cup 70, is considered the best goalkeeper in the history of South America.

Amadeo Raul Carrizo: the best Argentine goalkeeper in history was one of the pioneers in innovative techniques and strategies in office Goalkeeper, such as leaving their area to participate in the defense; launched at the foot of the opponent to snatch the ball in attack and use kick goal to start a counter.

Ricardo Zamora: the best goalkeeper of early twentieth century and the first media footballing happened from Barcelona to Real Madrid. 2 Suspenders, 5 Glasses and a quarterfinal World Cup 34 make the best of his record. Sin embargo, but his record, The remarkable thing was his work. Costumes to the last of the day, paradas imposibles (He was the inventor of the zamorana), pioneer in using gloves…There were two doormen: Saint Peter in heaven and Zamora on Earth. Con eso, is all that.

Oliver Khan: German School has made great goalkeepers throughout history. Andreas Kopke, Bodo Illgner, Sepp Maier or are considered all authentic figures of the German goal. Sin embargo, above them, There was a German blonde with contorted gesture that terrorized the front. It was strong, spectacular and effective. So to win the prize of best player in the World 2002 and to give a Champions Bayern after stopping a decisive penalty.

mejores porteros de la historia
Para muchos, Kahn is one of the best goalkeepers in history. FOTO:

José Luis Chilavert: Besides being an outstanding goalkeeper, It has a curious record. It is the goalkeeper's goalscorer with 62 goals in 737 parties. Specialist kicks and penalties thanks to his hard shot with his right leg, the sticks was sober, excellent in the air balls and really excellent at stopping shots midway.

Peter Schmeichel: Danish is considered one of the best goalkeepers of all time. He spent most of his career playing for Manchester United in the English Premier League., where he won five league titles and the Champions League. He was also captain of the Danish national team, with which he won the Eurocopa de 1992.

Best goalkeepers in the Twentieth Century by the IFFHS:

1. Lev Yashin Soviet Union 1002
2. Gordon Banks England 717
3. Dino Zoff Italia 661
4. Josef Maier Deutschland 456
5. Ricardo Zamora España 443
6. José Luis Chilavert Paraguay 373
7. Peter Schmeichel Danmark 291
8. Peter Shilton England 196
9. Frantisek Planicka Czecho-Slovakia 194
10. Amadeo Raul Carrizo Argentina 192
11. Gilmar dos Santos Neves Brasil 160
12. Ladislao Mazurkiewicz Uruguay 144
13. Patrick Jennings Northern Ireland 132
14. Ubaldo Fillol Matildo Argentina 121
15. Antonio Carbajal Mexico 105
16. Jean-Marie Pfaff Belgique 95
17. Rinat Dasaev Soviet Union 89
18. Gyula Grosics Magyarország 87
19. Thomas Ravelli Sverige 66
20. Walter Zenga Italia 62
21. Vladimir Beara Jugoslavija 59
22. Michel Preud'homme Belgique 57
23. Harald Schumacher Deutschland 51
24. Rudolf Hiden Österreich 50
25. Ivo Viktor Czecho-Slovakia 44
26. Frank Victor Swift England 43
27. Hugo Orlando Gatti Argentina 40
28. Jorge Campos Mexico 37
29. Edwin van der Sar The Netherlands 36
Roque Gaston Máspoli Uruguay 36
Thomas N'Kono Cameroun 36
32. José Rene Higuita Colombia 33
Joseph Antonio Bell Cameroun 33
34. Andoni Zubizarreta España 32
35. Émerson Lion Brasil 29
Jan Tomaszewski Polska 29
37. Johannes Franciscus van Breukelen The Netherlands 27
Walter Zeman Österreich 27
39. Mohammed Al-Deayea Saudi Arabia 25
40. Giampiero Combi Italia 23
41. Nasser Hejazi Iran 21
42. Neville Southall Wales 20
43. Badou Zaki Maroc 19
44. Andreas Köpke Deutschland 17
Ronnie Hellstrom Sverige 17
46. Jürgen Croy DDR 15
Sadok Attouga Tunisie 15



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