Five things that happened in the world of football 2002

Five things that happened in the world of football 2002
Brazil with stars like Ronaldo and Rivaldo, world champion was proclaimed in the 2002. PHOTO: FIFA.COM

You know what things happened in the world of football 2002? This year, It was the second year of the second millennium and the year of the introduction of the euro in Europe with the consequent exchange in the EU. In Spain, the exchange of the old Peseta for the Euro was experienced.

But 2002 it was also the year when things like the terrible earthquake that struck Turkey left 44 muertos, NASA began photographing Mars, the curious operation of the Parsley Island with the conquest of Morocco and the reconquest by Spain of a rock where no one lives or the tremendous ecological catastrophe of the Prestige on the coast of Galicia. And in the world of football, what happened?, because you remember five points highlight.

Things that happened in the world of football in 2002

1-He “Centennial” Depor one of the most famous from the “Maracanazo” of 1950

The stage and the opponent's where it happened, the machada Deportivo La Coruna went to the football history books. Real Madrid managed to reach the final of the Copa del Rey was going to play at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid's home. Over, the club Florentino Perez met presiding 100 years. Everything was set up for the party madridista, a set that was full of Galacticos.

The Bernabeu full, expected to meet its 100 years holding a glass and celebrating a triumphant ride. But did not have the depose, a group which at that time was a gentleman team and so it proved at the Bernabeu which was so well deserved the title and sparked a “Centennial” that stung much at the White House.

2-Real Madrid won the ninth European Cup and the Intercontinental

Glasgow, 15 May 2002. Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen faced in the final of the Champions of that time. A final that was to decide genius of Zinedine Zidane who scored one of the best goals of history in one of the best scenarios. A title, whites took 12 years to win again but it was the ninth of its history. White club also won the Intercontinental Cup that year Paraguay's Olimpia.

3-Valencia won the Spanish League

If two years before Deportivo he had won the league breaking a dynamic large, this time it was to be the Valencia who would win one of the two leagues that would win in the first five years of this century. Hand Rafa Benitez, Valencia is going to become Europe's revelation was to lead a league in December and coach almost out, It was an impossible dream, but after a spectacular second round would end up winning the title.

4-Olimpia Asuncion Paraguayan won the Libertadores Cup that year

The club Olympia of Asuncion cat water was in the Libertadores Cup 2002 and he gained full-fledged play Tokyo the end of the Intercontinental Cup which ultimately lose the Real Madrid. The opponent in the final was an amazing Sao Caetano was the revelation not only competition but almost worldwide.

5-Brazil took the World 2002

Hand of a born-again Ronaldo and his legendary tupe, Brazil again crowned champions of the World Cup after defeating Germany in the disputed appointment in South Korea and Japan. a World, where the organizer, South Korea, managed to finish fourth with the shadow of quite favorable arbitrations like I had to suffer Spain controversially included in quarterfinals.

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