Five things that happened in the world of football 1996

Cinco cosas que pasaron en el mundo del fútbol en 1996
Oliver Bierhoff celebrates the first Golden Goal in history that the Euro gave him 1996 To Germany. FOTO: Telemundo

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What things happened in the world of football 1996? Ese año, it was another one of those years full of events. Por ejemplo, en España Jose Maria Aznar rose to power after 14 years of presidency of Felipe Gonzalez that until then, he had been the only president of democracy that an entire generation had seen. Also in Spain, one of the worst events in decades occurred when an avalanche of water and mud, razed a campsite in Biescas killing 86 personas. He 96, también fue the year of the 'mad cows’, the cloning of dolly the sheep, a year plagued by plane crashes, that of the divorce of Charles of England and Diana of Wales and the establishment of relations between Croatia and Yugoslavia after many years of war among other events. But what happened in the world of football? We will tell you in five points.

Five things that happened in the world of football 1996

1-Juve won the European Cup and the Intercontinental Cup, Bayern UEFA and PSG Recopa

En 1996 Juve were crowned the top European champion by beating Ajax in the European Cup final. The Italians also won the Intercontinental after defeating River Plate. Bayern Munich took UEFA by beating Girondins while PSG took the Cup Winners' Cup that year after defeating Rapid Vienna.

2-Atlético de Madrid makes a historic double

The mattress set after years of drought carried out a historic feat. By the hand of Radomir Antic (1948-2020) and of players like Pantic, Molina, Kiko, Santi, Simeone and Penev among others, managed to win the League and the Cup that year. Sin duda 1996 it was a year that mattresses will never forget. It was the year of his doblete.

3-River Plate won the Copa Libertadores but lost the Intercontinental against Juventus

The Argentines managed to win the Copa Libertadores de 1996. Sin embargo, this year they could not do a double as they could not defeat a powerful Juve in the final of the Intercontinental held in Japan.

4-Germany won the European Championship 1996

The Germans won the European Championship 1996 after defeating in overtime and with the first Golden Goal from history to the Czech Republic.

5-Nigeria champion of the Atlanta Olympics

The Nigerians won the Atlanta Olympics section of 1996. The Africans defeated Argentina in the final.

cosas que pasaron en el mundo del fútbol en 1996
Amunike was one of the flagships of the Nigerian team that won at the Atlanta Olympics 1996. FOTO: ES.FIFA.COM

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