That famous Karlsruhe 7 – Valencia 0

That famous Karlsruhe 7 – Valencia 0

The 2 November 2013 They were fulfilled 20 years another fucking date for the Valencia box: the 2 November 1993. Day or evening, rather, the valencianista whole suffered one of its worst defeats in its history: the famous 7-0 against Karlsruhe.

It was the worst rout suffered in terms of figures. There were some worse as the 10-3 that endorsed the Sevilla one 10 October 1940 or against Alaves that he ended 7-0 Also in the season 1954-55, just one day after San Jose. Even, they hurt most recent of Real Madrid during his visits to Mestalla. But it was one of the most symbolic.

It was led by Guus Hiddink Valencia on the bench and Arturo Tuzón in office, man who had achieved the impossible: convert debt into a surplus club. A Valencia with a signing beginning to stand out from the rest and responding to difficult name Pedja Mitjatovic. A Montenegrin who had managed to put Valencia on top of the standings with a flashy game, while I practice.

Europe was the great subject. After eliminating Nantes in a UEFA that time was harder on many issues that own European Cup, Karlsruhe played. A 3-1 in the first leg in the formerly called Luis Casanova presage a comfortable outcome for return to play in the Wildparkstadion, maximum when the German team went winless in the last three games despite having in its ranks players like Kiriakov or Oliver Khan.

But nevertheless, in football, two plus two never are four that afternoon football and everything would go wrong for Spanish. Starting alignment. A man like Hiddink offensive preferred to retain income and opted for a lineup with three plants and two carrileros long journey that had as its primary mission to cover the German envestidas. To make matters worse, the midfield should help, for which it was decided to convert two plants as stoppers Thomas and Camarasa. Just, Fernando, in the playmaker and front, Pizzi (replacing the suspended Lubo Penev) and Mitjatovic would take care to create danger.

only Fernando, Pizzi and Mitjatovic had offensive vocation.
only Fernando, Pizzi and Mitjatovic had offensive vocation.

Big mistake. The best defense is a good offense. No one was able to build even played for some danger. Among men above and the eight who defended there was a lot of distance and I had to be a defensive tactic eventually became nonsense. A Belgian named Edgar Schmitt knew see fast. Professionalism to become 28 years and miraculously still alive after a dramatic car accident read the game like no one and a half hour opened the scoring. It was the beginning of the end. Because five minutes later he would score one second while overturned the tie in favor of the Germans.

With 3-0 He ended the first act. A result that would expand the minute 1 of the second half and that would confirm the valencianista debacle. no attitude, without ideas, without creating, among other things because there were no organizers, the team which sank underwater in the ocean. Even the entrance of Pepe Galvez served to solve or at least disguise a miserable performance.

Duras consequences:

The consequences were terrible: the team sank in the table reaching down to the 14th position. This led to the departure of Hiddink in the day 11 and the arrival of Paco Rielo who lasted only five days until Hector Nunez take the reins on the 16th day. For more problems, Arturo Tizon resign, Melchor Hoyos would take over the team until the 9 of March, Paco Roig take the reins of the club to win the election and decided again Hiddink have on the bench.

Total, four technical, three presidents and “honorable” seventh place finish in the league that got makeup one of the worst nightmares in the history of Valencia. The occurred on 2 November 1993 in a cold town called Karlsruhe.

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