What are the football boots that best suit you?

¿Cuáles son las botas de fútbol que más te convienen?

Last update 28 March, 2024 por Alberto Llopis

When someone starts to play football you can ask what are the football boots that suits you best. It may seem banal, sin embargo, It is essential to know how to choose the type of football boots that are to be used. According to the surface where he will practice sport worth one model or another.

Similarly, know the variety of football boots is a big advantage, like being able to choose with greater certainty that that will help prevent injuries while practicing favorite sport.

What are the best football boots?

Usually, You might think that sports supplements should be selected according to taste. Nothing wrong that. specialty sports knowledge is needed to run, to avoid costly mistakes both in money and falls to regret.

Football boots make players come to feel more comfortable on the pitch. That is why the best sports brands use the latest technological advances, to create them with different characteristics and materials. No obstante, soles typically vary from each other, so there are different models, to suit different terrains.

A) Yes, the different types of boots that can be found on the market are:

  1. SG football boots: The sole consists of six aluminum studs, but they can also be found in combination with rubber studs, best known as mixed soles. They can be employed in fields with natural grass. Above all, if it is wet, wet or soft, since better traction is achieved; but it is not recommended for use on artificial turf or carpet.
  2. FG football boots: These are used by the vast majority of soccer players. Its sole is regularly made between 11 y 14 rubber blocks, with different lengths and shapes, They will depend on the utility that will give them to play, such as reinforcing speed, strengthening of turn or more comfort. These boots should only be used on natural grass fields or muddy dirt fields, although some people use them on artificial turf.
  3. Football boots AG: Their soles are made up 13 ó 21 rubber blocks and they can be used in football fields with artificial grass third generation, which are more like natural grass fields, although they can be used in the fields of second generation.
  4. TF football boots: Known as the multitacos, the soles of these boots are the best, in the soccer fields that have abrasive surfaces and do not have any damping. This makes the impact of taco, on the plate is stronger. This variety of soles ensure support and stability provided when used in proper playing field.

After learning about the different types of football boots and where to use them depending on the surface, You also need to know what is best in each position in the field of play and the style of play. There from football boots light that they are designed for that type of player who runs a lot but that does not make many twists, even tougher boots, ideal to protect the foot when the ball is hit.

Another factor to consider is the Foot morphology footballer. If the player has a foot wide, you may need to choose to choose a classic shoe that fits your foot shape. Asimismo, remember that it should be a space of about half a centimeter between your longest toe and the end of the boot.

In online stores specializing in all kinds of sports like Intersport.es, the customer can appreciate the different types of football boots on the market and what type best suits the needs. Aquí, You will observe various models that correspond to the requirements, according to the position to play in the field. De esta forma, It will be easier to choose the time of purchase.

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