The cheapest transfer in history

The cheapest transfer in history
Cedrick became the cheapest signing in the history of Spanish football after his signing for Betis. PHOTO: As

Cedrick Mabwati Gerard (1992) It is the cheapest transfer in the history of the Spanish League. The Hispanic-Congolese player signed for him Real Betis Balompié the amount of 1 euro and 20 cents in 2013. The green and white set thus tied Cedrick, winger at that time of Numancia for three seasons plus another optional.

The cheapest transfer in history

The player, deposited at the headquarters of the LFP (now LaLiga) its peculiar and symbolic clause of 1 euro and 20 cents with what became the cheapest transfer in football history, unless remembered by a player. This circumstance has its explanation. Cedrick had a clause in his contract with Numancia whereby if any First team was interested in his services and communicated it before the 15 of June, the player clause would be a symbolic 1 euro and 20 cents. From that date on, its clause would have been 5 millions.

the cheapest signing in the history of Spanish football
Cedrick the day of his presentation Real Betis. PHOTO: Brand

What became of cedric, the cheapest signing in the history of Spanish football?

The Congolese player, but nationalized Spanish, began his career in Spanish football in the ranks of Santa Marta from Salamanca, was signed by Atlético de Madrid during his youth stage, but it did not explode until his journey in Numancia, with which he stood out in the Second Division. Endowed with enormous speed and not without quality, Cedrick caught the attention of the Betis after finishing the season 2012-13 and starred in this peculiar signing, the cheapest ever.

However, Cedrick Mabwati's career in the Betic team did not have a long journey. While he disputed 35 games with the Verdiblancos in the season 2013-14, that was not enough for him to stay in the team. The following year he was loaned to Osasuna and then began his journey with teams like Columbus Crew in the American MLS., UCAM Murcia, Inter Madrid, Tudelano and Real Avilés completely disappearing from the front page of professional football. But he will always remain in history for his peculiar signing for Betis.

the cheapest signing in the history
Cedrick Mabwati with the Real Avilés shirt in 2020. PHOTO: The New Trade
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