The Golden Goal and Silver Goal, two inventions in the history of football

The Golden Goal and Silver Goal, two inventions in the history of football
In this play, Oliver Bierhoff scored the first Golden Goal in history. PHOTO: Brand

Remember when tournaments could decide the Golden Goal and Silver Goal? In recent years, FIFA and UEFA have been implemented various measures such as sprays, referees behind the goal, earpieces to communicate with referees and lines, the VAR and even Hawkeye to determine whether a goal is entered or not and end once and for all with the ghosts goals. But nevertheless, It is not the only or the last time the highest bodies of European and world football try to change the rules forever. Because, Hanging by the Football recalls the invention of Golden Goal and Silver Goal, two of the biggest failures of football.

England's Euro 1996 the first major tournament that was resolved with the Golden Goal. Also in the Euro 2000 It was decisive

England at Euro, celebrated in 1996, he decided to try the Golden Goal. that experiment, It was to give victory to the first team to score a goal in extra time. Born with the idea of ​​seeking a more courageous football,to give the victory to the team that scored first tuck. curiously, Germany used him, to get a goal Bierhoff title. Four years later, It was the Franco-Argentine, David Trezeguet, which gave the title to France in the final against Italy.

Oliver Bierhoff this goal was the first golden goal in history.
This goal was Oliver Bierhoff the first Golden Goal in history. PHOTO: Brand

He also was instrumental in the World Cup in France 1998

The The World 98 also he left another Golden Goal, in this case, the achieved by another French, Laurent Blanc in the second round against Paraguay, that toppled the hardened set guaraní. But nevertheless, soon they realized that the objective sought with this formula was the opposite to the initial desire. The fear of not losing teams had made many defensive precautions, so that instead of enhancing the attack, defense and speculation is highlighted in the juice. all, in addition to leaving the team that had conceded the goal eliminated without margin reaction.

It seems that FIFA did not have enough with gaffe Golden Goal, he decided to try the Silver Goal. It happened in 2002 and in this case, He gave victory to the team that had scored in overtime and had maintained that difference at the end of the first part of that extra time. Let's go, more complicated and impossible. The idea again made water and turned to lifelong.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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One thought on “The Golden Goal and Silver Goal, two inventions in the history of football

  1. The invention is actually much older. In 1950 one of the semifinals of the then Generalissimo Cup disputed between Athletic de Bilbao and Valencia was decided by a golden goal. In the first leg at San Mames Athletic won 5 a 1 but Valencia at the Mestalla and epically rallied to win by 6 a 2 He equaled the tie.
    Course or even not had invented the tiebreaker Porel double value of away goals. The general rule was to undo ties with a new game but at the end of that season's World Cup in Brazil was played and there was no dispute dates to the third meeting. So he agreed extensions tiebreaker in ten minutes.
    The fact is that after defeating three of those extensions the tie persisted and decided (some say it was devised in the same field among the captains) jugarhasta that one of the two teams Marcuse. Shortly after Athletic goalkeeper broke one valencianista occasion and to counter, with Piru Gainza and exhausted players managed to beat Eizaguirre. The chronicles that cheered the long Mestalla was said was the best game he had played there and the players were so tired that there was no celebration of the victors or the vanquished wailing.

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