One-One, the cult character of Sevilla the years 70

One-One, the cult character of Sevilla the years 70
One-One, Seville legend who died on 19 July 2020. PHOTO: AS

His real name was responding to Alhaji Momodo Nije, but in reality everyone called Biri-Biri him. Many, especially younger ones, They do not know but its importance is such that we are talking about a legend of African football, sevillista, of the years 70, that for many years captivated thousands of people in the Sanchez Pizjuan and in the Spanish fields that he stepped on.

One-One He was an atypical footballer who broke all the molds that had been and for having. He came in 1973 Sevilla from the Danish football after previous steps by the League of Gambia (his country) and the English Derbi County trained by Brian Clough. His arribada to sevillanas lands was observed with curiosity. It was the first African player who had been a professional, he had played in Denmark and the first black player who had to wear the team jersey Nervion.

One-One, the start of a legend for Sevilla

Very strong physically, fast and with great ability to move around several areas of attack, One-One he was not an especially skilled player with the ball nor a great dribbler. But rather a lung earned the fans with his physical deployment, their struggle and claw. A) Yes, for five years, the time he spent in Sevilla, where he left a large footprint and was elevated to idol and even, cult character that made up a rock take their name (the Biris).

Biri Biri-ease had a huge fuss.
Biri Biri-ease had a huge fuss. PHOTO: Archivo AS

Five full years of particularities, excesses, as these continuous trips to Gambia that made him skip workouts, like those races by the band ending in tough rivals entries ("Give him the black without fear that the bruises are not seen", He used to say) or those inexplicable failures combined with brilliant goals or actions.

Five memorable seasons, which they served to ascend to Sevilla, to leave its trace in the Second Division and the First and that by the way, to be a great ambassador for his country. Biri Biri-because at that time became the best player in history Gambia, in the Gambia only player to have played in the league and all watchword for fans cheering that morenito before being sevillista had a dalliance with Betis, club claimed to have a preliminary contract.

Biri was the sevillista Finidi the years 70.
Biri was the sevillista Finidi the years 70.

Withdrawal and death on 19 July 2020

His flight to Danish football came in 1978, where he remained for three years before returning to their country and not to pursue a career of more than 24 years as an international. Of over 24 years marking a before and after in Gambia, country where he retired to live and worked as a consultant. The 19 July 2020 fallecía Biri-Biri, thus giving way to legend for Sevilla fans.

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