Ali Dia – Fake it till you make it

Ali Dia – Fake it till you make it
Ali Dia slipped into the Premier

the year was 1996, and a fellow Senegalese would make history by playing a one-off match for Southampton. This was enough for him to be considered one of the worst players in the history of the club and of English football as a whole..

The Premier League is one of the favorite leagues among fans of the sports bets and gave us some of the best football players. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Andriy Shevchenko, Didier drogba, Eric Cantona and… ¿Ali Dia?

You probably don't remember this guy, but, supposedly, is the “primo” by the legendary George Weah. you still don't remember? Alright. After all, Ali Dia's career was shorter than you imagine.

    1. Ali who?

In 1996 the Premier League would experience one of the most unusual moments in football history, and it all started with a phone call. It turned out that the person who answered the phone was none other than legendary trainer Graeme Souness., who had had great success with Rangers in Scotland and with the mighty Liverpool. Besides the Reds, he also managed Newcastle and Blackburn in England, but it was during his time at Southampton that all this happened.

On the other end of the line was Liberian George Weah, or at least that's what Souness thought. “Where” he was trying to find a position for his dear cousin, a yet-to-be-discovered star who had scored twice in Senegal's last win in African qualifiers. The coach seized the opportunity and asked to sign Ali Dia immediately.

But it turns out that Dia was not Weah's cousin, let alone a professional soccer player. Like almost any economics student, playing a Premier League match had always been his dream. So, one day, one of his friends decided to use his amazing impersonation skills and prank Souness and, surprisingly, it worked!

At that moment, the Saints were missing some of their key attacking players, and any help you could receive would be welcome. What they did not expect was that Ali Dia was not a professional soccer player at all. In fact, he only played on weekends and the closest he got to football success was playing for a couple of amateur teams in France and England.

    1. 53 minutes

After very little training, finally Dia was sent to the pitch in a match against Leeds United. In the minute 32 the first time, the time had finally come for Ali to show what he was made of.

as you can imagine, his performance was horrible. To give you an idea of ​​how bad it was, he didn't even finish the game and was replaced by Ken Monkou in the minute 40 of the 2nd time. Ali's Premier League career lasted only 53 minutes. Y, to top, the team fell defeated 2-0.

The coach only discovered the mess he had gotten himself into after calling the real George Weah and hearing from him that he knew nothing of what had happened..

Ali Dia, O “Weah's cousin”, was sent home after two weeks, ending his meteoric career the following year after (somehow) being signed by semi-amateur team Gateshead, where could he score 2 goals in 8 matches. According to their personal stories, Of course.

This story certainly bears the “Fake it till you make it” to another level, and shows that, if you are a football fan, and especially of the football betting, you have to make sure everyone on the field is who they say they are. After all, You never know when there will be another Dia on your team..

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