The sub World 17: emergence of large stars and flowers a day

The sub World 17: emergence of large stars and flowers a day

Quarreling these days comes the U 17 in Arab Emirates. A World Youth Championship played enormous prestige from 1985 where they have passed some of the most important figures in world football. There they played in their day Messi, David Silva, Fábregas (these three were in the World 2003), Isco, Xavi, Buffon, Ronaldinho, Casillas, Neymar, Fernando Redondo, Totti, Figo, Rui Costa. A special tournament, both I never have been won by Spain (three times runner-up), Argentina (not even a finalist), Germany or Italy.

A unique event, especially for large teams scouts enjoyed the most publicized showcase category before their eyes. Spain is two editions without going, but that is no reason for that not hanged by the Football agree with some of the best players who wore the red shirt sub 17 leaving high the Spanish flag which today do not seem to have aposiento even in the Spanish First Division, or going further, in professional football or amateur:

– Borja: in 2009, Spain was third with a generation headed by Isco, Sergi Roberto or Aurtenetxe. But nevertheless, the top scorer had another name, Borja. Framework 5 goals, as such Seferovic. Today and after playing a match with Atletico Madrid in the Primera in 2009, enjoys minutes in the Deportivo Coruna after a añitos in Second. yes, Has only 21 years.

– Adrià Carmona: their good work in that 2009 They won him to go to AC Milan where it seemed it was going to take on the world and yet, It was the world that devoured him, perhaps because the Series was not the best option and not the Rossoneri club. Loaned to Zaragoza, now enjoys its 21 years of opportunity in Girona.

– Fran Merida: It seemed the new Fábregas, while Arsenal stole the Barcelona 15 years. After a promising debut at Arsenal and a fleeting passage by the Athletic wake faded to the point that now the 23 years is disputing the Brazilian league with Atletico Paranaense Club.

– Bojan: his career seems to be chopped down despite being playing at Ajax. He left the club due to lack of minutes in Milan, without it wrong, It did not work. and Amsterdam, It has a good chance to resurrect the foreground sportingly. Bronze Ball far that remains of the World 2007 which also it was the third top scorer. Higher maximum words when he shared a dressing room with Ignacio Camacho, Merida said or Juan Mata.

– David Rodriguez-Fraile: Egypt 1997 Spain ended with runners in part because there were players like Xavi or Casillas. Also David Rodríguez, which ended the tournament as top scorer with seven goals. Smell, opportunism and high quality were dashed by injury. That's how it went, He decided to take our bags and go to America to redirect his life studying at Harvard and a Masters in Business Administration. The last thing known about him is that he worked at an investment company in New York.

This selection resulted in Egypt 97 many joys being a finalist. It was the basis of which went on to win the World sub 20 a Nigeria.
This selection resulted in Egypt 97 many joys being a finalist. It was the basis of which went on to win the World sub 20 a Nigeria.

– Sergio Santamaria: the only Spanish Golden Ball tournament with Cesc. The difficulties of playing in Barcelona were reflected in cessions who chained several clubs Second until they leave the club FC Barcelona. To the 33 years, She works in marketing after having been at historic as the Sant Andreu and Alzira. And to think that one day was the best in the world in its category.

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