Coaches years 90 you're bound to remember

Coaches years 90 you're bound to remember
The legendary Arsenio Iglesias converted to Depor in a big with its SuperDepor. Endearing and in years, It is one of the coaches 90. Definitely. PHOTO: @ MundoDeportivo-Web
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The coaches of the year 90 They were another world. Football today has many things, we will not deny. But nevertheless, excess business, It has finally put an end to many romanticisms than were children or teenagers a decade ago and remembered. Because, in this article we want to remind some legendary coaches of the year 90, for many people the best of football history.

Those coaches of the years 90


John Benjamin Toshack he trained Madrid in two stages, Real Sociedad, Deportivo Coruna during the decade of the 90. PHOTO: P&A –


If Aimar train today, He could be considered perpetrator of “Workplace Harassment”. He became famous in Logroñés and Celta de Vigo for his famous hit in the chest before the games begin. PHOTO; Celeste Fame


The BENCHES 90 They understand not the same without the legendary David Vidal, remembered as a hero in places like Logroño and Cadiz among many other sites. PHOTO:


If there was a team that dominated the 90 in Spain and even at some point in Europe, was the Dream Team of Johan Cruyff. PHOTO:


Luis Aragones He was a legend in the 70, in the 80, at 2000 and even the time of his death and of course, also in the 90 where he was in a lot of teams. PHOTO: FC Barcelona

VICTOR asparagus

Victor Esparrago was a classic 90 through dugouts as Valencia, Cádiz…


The German continued to soldier on in full second decade of the century. In the 90 it was a classic in Bilbao and Madrid as coach who managed to win the European Cup for whites seventh after many decades. PHOTO: @ MundoDeportivo-Web


Jabo Irueta win at Depor took the last century League Year 2000. In the decade of the 90 He also coached the rival Galician, Celta, al Racing, to Oviedo…one of those old lions of the Spanish bench. PHOTO: Kaiser Magazine

Guus Hiddink

Guus Hiddink in his presentation as coach of Valencia in 1991. He also coached Real Madrid a short time at the end of the decade. PHOTO:

What other coaches of the years 90 remember? leave your comments below

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