The tallest players in world football

The tallest players in world football
Who are the tallest footballers in the world?? PHOTO: Twitter

¿Quiénes son los jugadores más altos del mundo? This time we try to bring players with larger, those guys that size, by changing its height inches cm, They could have been dedicated to the world of the basket rather than the football.

And it is generally, the most talented players that has given the sport and some of the current scene are usually rather short ones or not usually spend the 1,80 cm, an already considerable height but fails to presenting some of the towers of this article.

Although the quality, technique and speed both when moving the ball as footballer speed are important, other factors such as strength or as in this case, the size, They can be very important in many facets as can be the air.

Who is the tallest footballer in history?

Kristof van Hout, es el tallest player in history, at least for which there are records. This Belgian goalkeeper born in 1987, it's with 2,08, the tallest footballer in history.

the tallest soccer player in history
Kristof Van Hout E flat con 2,08, the tallest footballer in recorded history. PHOTO: @LommelSK


Who are the tallest footballers in the world?

In professional football, there have been and there are many players ranging from 1,90 and more of 2,00 metros, some very famous as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique, those who exceed ninety meter, something that does not stop them, be players of a very great technical quality.

Obviously at lower levels or amateur leagues will have been players and larger. On this list we will try to collect footballers playing or have recently played in the little world of football at the professional level and the first category.


the highest players lmundo
vanja Ivea, 2,05. Casi nada. Photo: FOOTY FAIR
the tallest players in the world
Yang Changpeng right on the picture, a Chinese 2,05 m. Photo: Alchetron

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Tor Hogne ÅRØY, a Viking of 2,04 very difficult to score in the corners as you can see. Photo: Achetron

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