Players who went to stars and ended estrellados

Players who went to stars and ended estrellados
Freddy Adu never reached the level that marked her expectations. PHOTO: MLS Soccer

Football history is full of players who went to stars and ended estrellados. We remember some players who were considered future stars of football and eventually crashed, unfulfilled promises. The speed at which the football world moves, makes today a player is at the top and tomorrow is not nobody. If this younger applies, the result ends up being devastating. As in these cases

Freddy Adu

It certainly would be the new Pele, Pearl USA. The hopes for this player born in Ghana 2 June 1989 but settled and raised in the US they were so high, sporting large firms turned him. Product marketing more than reality, to the 16 he was already considered one of the greatest promises of world football.

As a teenager, He had already made his debut in the maximum category and the US national team. Made the leap to Europe and his career hit a slump logical. He not managed to lift his career and finished announcing vacuums while he is trying to lift his career. Undoubtedly one of the greatest examples of players who went to stars and they not got off the ground.

Sebastian Nayar

Another old acquaintance of Colgados. Sebastian Nayar was born 10 May 1988. Like many Argentine players, She began to emerge soon, but as with many players from this source, the anxious desire to bring it to Europe and make money too soon ended his career.

I had just stuck his head in Boca when they took him to Europe to play in Recreativo Huelva. to top, a controversy between Boca, the representative of the player and Recreativo, He ended the inactive player for many months. He ended up lost wandering around the world, playing in Mexico, Colombia and Greece, in the Second Spanish B teams like Orihuela and even Gibraltar, but it never reached the expected level.

Sebastian Nayar, another case of players who went to stars
Sebastian Nayar not meet expectations. PHOTO:

Gay Assulin

Forged from 12 years in the quarry Barca, This Israeli-born 1991, It was to be the new Messi. He came to make a pre-season with Barca Guardiola 2009 and he debuted with the first team in a match of Copa del Rey. That ended his career with FC Barcelona team. He debuted in adolescent age with the selection of Israel and the success he was perhaps went to his head. The point is that without having played practically with the first team, he decided to go to Manchester City with the intent and the conviction that if there would be a fixed first team

. His career faded and Manchester was not the place of his triumph. He finished on loan at Brighton Second and left England with more pain than glory. He passed Racing Santander, Hercules or Sabadell among other equipment, always in Second and Second B. His career has lost all the glitz and few now remember him. Another great example of those for star players who were and they ended estrellados.

players who went to star and eventually crashed
Gai Assulin was to be the new Messi but not getting off on Segunda.FOTO: Sports world

Sergio Santamaria

In 1997, She received the Golden Ball for the best player of the FIFA U 20 for his involvement with the Spanish team. In this World they had players like Ronaldinho and Milito but malagueño highlighted above them. In the same batch Xavi, shared team with him in the lower Barcelona. In May 2000, Louis van Gaal, He made his debut in the First Division with Barca shirt. It was short-lived, it had to go in search of minutes and his career stalled. He went through several teams Second, B second and even third, category where play again after hanging up his boots. shame, as pointed lot.

Sergio Santamaria, other players who were going to star and eventually crashed
Sergio Santamaria in the center of the image, failed to consolidate or Barca or First. PHOTO: Brand

Javier Portillo

He blew the record scorer in the quarry of Real Madrid after scoring 700 goals in the lower white club. His entry into the first team was also spectacular, He scored several key goals for Real Madrid , especially his first goal, marked Champions.

I had to leave the club to play in Italy with Fiorentina and Belgium where he played in the ranks of Bruges. First then he wandered without much success and finished second and playing in the Segunda B Hercules where after, He became the club's sporting director whose owner, is your father.

They were going to star and eventually crashed
Javier Portillo's debut promised much. His career was less. One of those players who went to stars and eventually crashed PHOTO:AS



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