Five players who were going to star and eventually crashed II

Five players who were going to star and eventually crashed II
Robinho, another one of those players who went to star and eventually crashed. PHOTO: As

Players who went to star and eventually crashed


The Brazilian was back in 2005 considered the new Skin, the new jewel of world football. After an intense culebrón, hundreds of covers and rivers of ink on the umpteenth great world pearl, fue fichado por el Real Madrid procedente del Santos por unos 30 million euros of the time.

His debut at the Ramon de Carranza in September 2005 against Cádiz, alimentó aún más unas expectativas que se iban a quedar en eso. It went unnoticed by the Madrid years later he transferred to Manchester City where did nothing noteworthy to finish at AC Milan surrounded by beens. Finally already reached thirty, He left Milan to return to Santos and then go to Turkish football leaving the feeling that was one of the biggest fiascos in history. Fue acusado de abusos sexuales en Italia.

Fran Merida

Born in 1990, Arsenal noticed him and made a very similar to that of Cesc Fabregas operation leading the player to London with only 15 years. He came to debut at 17. Then he went on loan to Atletico Madrid signed him. Did not work in the club mattress gave it to Braga. He left the house to go colchonera Hercules and finish in the league Brazil and then travel through the First and Second Spanish in the ranks of teams like Osasuna Huesca or. He is still young but it seems difficult to reach the level that is presupposed.

Fran Merida another of those promises that eventually crashed
Fran Merida was going to crack at Arsenal. PHOTO: The Sun

Mario Rosas

Mario Rosas was one of the most talented players and quality of the Masia in the late 90. This fact, She made her debut in 1998 with the first team at Barcelona few days before his 18 years. He did the hand of Louis Van Gaal. But nevertheless, his career did not settle down and ran out of Barcelona.

He played Alaves, Girona, Salamanca, Castellón, Murcia, Hercules and Huesca, all in Second and Second B to end up having an experience in the league of Azerbaijan and completing his career in Eldense. Certainly it was far from reaching where pointing. Another of those young stars which ended estrellados.

Paco Pavón

Never a populist slogan could do much damage to the career of the protagonist of the same. The legendary and unfortunate 'Zidanes and Pavones’ Florentino Perez did a disservice to Paco Pavón. central defense to an acceptable level, the pressure of the Real Madrid and responsibility of being the avatar of the quarry with the Galacticos, They put in the spotlight. Any mistake his was watched very closely and judged harshly.

It was signed for Zaragoza where some with some bad baba will put that of “Paco Pavor” fear that led to his own team in every defensive action. He ended up playing for France to end in oblivion. shame. It was one of those players that excess pressure ended estrellados.

Royston Drenthe

Another promise that was lost on the way and another fiasco Real Madrid. Con apenas veinte años fichó por el Real Madrid donde nunca llegó a cuajar. With a hectic social life and a large family before their 25, Drenthe good is the best example that power without control is useless.

He went on loan to Hercules Alicante where he went from hero to almost beaten out and then to England to play for Everton and Reading for the second category of English football sporting a quite old state form of weight before moving on to Baniyas.

And if that was not enough, then he retired for rapping and subsequently and after changing life and lose more than 20 kilos, He returned to play football in the Dutch second hand Sparta Rotterdam. No contento con ello, deambuló por el Racing de Murcia y fichó después por el histórico Real Murcia para jugar en 2 RFEF. Another of those players pointing to star but eventually they crashed.

Drenthe, another one of those players who were going to star and eventually crashed
The new life of Royston Drenthe. PHOTO: Instagram / roya2faces



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