March 05, 2021
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    carlos bienzobas

    In Navarra, there is Carlism, those criminal ultras who joined Franco and committed war crimes.

    The current Carlist chief of Navarra and Spain, a guy named José María Aragón Samanes, publishes a column in Navarrese newspapers such as Plaza Nueva de Mariano Navarro Lacarra, o La Voz de la Ribera, making cheap apology for his creed. And with a beret on his head and without cutting himself.

    Embarrassing is little.

    I tell you because a Carlism or Francoism is much more dangerous than the ultras who see it coming easy.

    This country has a right-wing base, otherwise the Carlist Party would be illegal.

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    In the late 70 and first of 80 the vast majority of these groups or existian.La notoriety reached the finalesde 80 and first of 90.

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