Freddy Adu, the new Pele who never succeeded in football

Freddy Adu, the new Pele who never succeeded in football
Freddy Adu was to be the new Pele, The new star of the century. PHOTO: Brand

Freddy Adu was one of the players with the greatest progression during the early 21st century. The United States and big brands put high hopes, perhaps in excess, the possibilities of this often young player born in Ghana but raised in the US. Was talk that we were before the new century legend player. Obviously it was not.

Freddy Adu, ‘The new Pelé’

Born in 1989, in 2004 without yet having served fifteen he had already debuted in MLS, the pinnacle of American football, making him the youngest player to debut in any sport in USA. With fourteen years it was international by American country in Sub category 17, sixteen and he was the youngest player to debut in the senior US.

Freddy Adu with Pele. Expectations knocked the kid.
Freddy Adu with Pele. Expectations knocked the kid. PHOTO: capture Youtube

With less than fifteen years he had also already scored his first goal as a professional and his game had dazzled scouts from all over Europe. When he is talking about him, He talked about the future best player in the world, that player that seemed to leave Pele and other great players into oblivion. One of those myths of this sport that only come once. By the time he left only one American in the south.

In 2007 without having fulfilled yet come of age, He made the leap to Europe. His first assignment, Portuguese Benfica. He failed to break into the starting lineup Lisbon team went on loan to Monaco. Then he swarmed by Greece and Turkey. His career had lost luster after his brilliant start after playing five different teams between 2007 Y 2011. Twenty-two had already gone from wunderkind to broken toy. To fatten the list of players who were going to star but ended estrellados.

From big youth star to vacuum cleaner salesman and without equipment to 30 years

In 2011 I had to return to American football after failing to overcome the strong expectations placed on it. Ten years after his brilliant debut when he was a kid, nobody believed he could take flight despite being still very young. It was just a player of the bunch circulating in the quiet American League.

He hit drifter Brazilian football, Including Finland and Serbia, lowering their level more and more until they remain at 30 years without a team. But the most relevant thing that he is remembered lately is that taking advantage of his pull on Twitter where he has hundreds of thousands of followers, He used the social network to advertise and sell vacuum cleaners. Far as sports were large multinationals. A disaster if we remember that ten years ago he predicted that he would be the star of the century.

Freddy Adu selling vacuum cleaners in social networks. Photo: Twitter
Freddy Adu selling vacuum cleaners in social networks. Photo: Twitter

The player who seemed destined to destroy all records and have gotten in the football world'm like one of those players estrellados, one of those kids that strong end their career expectations. Maybe something had to see the strong advertising campaign that multinationals invested in the, still a little guy who had not done anything in this sport so complicated Freddy Adu Was one gas player?, as always we leave valuations for you.

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