Do you know Martin Ødegaard?

¿Conoces a Martin Ødegaard?

Last update 5 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Martin Ødegaard has broken several records and is set to break a few more. This Norwegian of only 15 years, He is the youngest player to debut in the top flight of Norwegian football., the earliest to score a goal and already at world level, is he Youngest player in history to debut for a national team con 15 years and 250 days. A situation that has caused several major European players to have noticed him and are interested in incorporating him into their ranks as a firm bet for the future..

Born a 17 from December to 1998, this player almost of cadet age, has surprised the world with its rapid progression. He made his debut with Strømsgodset IF when he was still at school and before being a youth player., I was already defending the Norway shirt. According to his own father, some follow 30 clubs among which are some of the main ones in the Premier or the Spanish League.

Odeegaard encara a rival
Martin Ødegaard facing a rival. The young Norwegian has very interesting movements.

Fast and skillful, He has dribbling ability and ball handling at the level of the best. Pese a su corta edad, He has a good shot and excellent individual technique which makes him stand out among players much older than him, he is not an adult yet. Sobre el papel, has the qualities to follow a meteoric progression.

However, It is early to throw the bells in the air since he would not be the first nor the last child prodigy who ends up falling by the wayside due to poor management. Cases like that of Freddy Adu, who at the same age promised him happiness, are unfortunately very common.. For now, if you want to know about those cases of frustrated promises, you can read Five players who were going to star and ended up star I y part II. A Martin Ødegaard, we will follow it very carefully.

Odeergaard joven
Martin Ødegaard has broken several records for precocity.

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