Joao Maleck, Mexico's bloody Franco-Cameroonian who wants to play with the 'Tri’

Joao Maleck, Mexico's bloody Franco-Cameroonian who wants to play with the 'Tri’
Joao Maleck, Mexican with Cameroonian and French blood triumphs in Portugal. Photo: FC Porto

Football is so global that offers so hackneyed cases like this. “My dad is from France, my grandparents and my mother Cameroon Mexico. But my priority has always been to play with the 'Tri” says Joao Maleck al medio 'Fox Sports'. At this point maybe you are wondering who is this guy, it is a young player from the quarry of the moment Oporto, He refuses to play with Cameroon and France because he wants to do with the Mexican national team. It has its history.

Maleck is the son of Franco-Cameroonian exfutbolista, Jean Claude Maleck, who arrived in Mexico 1998 to play with Tecos UAG. There would meet the mother of Joao, Mexican nationality and form a family. This melting pot of nationalities give you the option to young born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1999 Cameroon international being (by grandparents), France (from father's side) or Mexico (by Mother). But nevertheless, it is very clear.

“My dream is to emigrate to European football and then get to the National Team. I have the option of France, Cameroon and Mexico, but I like to represent Mexico. I am more Mexican than tequila”, He argued in an interview for the daily MARCA.

The truth is that the young Maleck is making goals in the second team of Oporto where he arrived from Santos Laguna and there are now many clubs that have been set in the Mexican pearl so it would not be unreasonable to see you soon at the first level, either with dragons or another club. moment, pointing his name.

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