Younger players to debut in selected

Younger players to debut in selected
Lamine Yamal became the youngest player to debut for Spain at 16 years and 57 days. PHOTO: RTVE

You know who they are the youngest players to debut a national team? Play in the national team is usually one of the biggest challenges a player can aspire. Defend the shield of the place they were born or they hosted an international appointment as a World, an America Cup, one Euro or the like must be the maximum. But getting to play a selection is not easy although some, They get it at an early age.

Younger players to debut in selected.

Martin Ødegaard, Norway (15 years and 250 days)

The absolute record for earliness. Born a 17 from December to 1998, He debuted with Norwegian selection one 19 of August of 2014 at the age of 15 years making it the youngest player to debut with national team. It is also the youngest player in the Norwegian league and the earliest to score a goal in the tournament player Nordic country.

youngest players to debut for their national team
Martin Odegaard debuted with 15 years with Norway. PHOTO: AFP

Sigurdur Jonsson, Iceland (16 years and 251 days)

Until the arrival of almost cadet Ødegaard, the record was in the hands of the player who made his debut at Iceland 16 zamarra years with absolute Iceland vs. Malta. Since then it has rained a lot, it was in 1983 and his record was in force for 31 years and 2 months.

Levan Kenya, Georgia (16 years and 325 days)

The race of Levan Kenya (18 October 1990) has not registered major events so far except for his time in the Bundesliga. But nevertheless, It is on the lists of football history to debut 16 years in the national team, Georgia. Was the 8 September 2007 in a match against Ukraine.

Yamine Lamal (16 years and 57 days)

Yamine Lamal became the youngest footballer to debut with Spain. Did the 16 years and 57 days on 8 September 2023. I unseat Gavi in 2 stuff. Being the youngest footballer, making his debut a year earlier and doing so with even fewer games as a professional in Barcelona's first team.

Gavi debuted with Spain with only 6 parties in the professional elite. And he did it with note against Italy, reinforcing the proposal of a Luis Enrique who came out the front door in his commitment to this boy who with 17 years and 62 days, debuted against Italy on 7 October 2021 ousting Zubieta who had held it since 1935.

Daniel Frick, Liechtenstein (17 years and 79 days)

Maybe debuting in Liechenstein where its members are amateurs may not seem like a great achievement but the numbers are the numbers and Daniel Frick debuted on 6 September 1995 against Latvia.

Ronny Buchel, Liechtenstein (17 years and 82 days)

Another player from the selection of the small European country enters this list. Büchel, for only 3 days, He could not take his compatriot's record Frick. The fact that if, It happened four years later. It was in 1999 to Portugal.

Other of the youngest players to debut with their national team

Gareth Bale did it the 7 October 2010 at the age of 17 years and 83 days and Belgian Romelu Lukaku it did in 2010 con 17 years and 113 days. The Spanish Ángel Zubieta was the youngest who did it with 17 years and 9 months in 1935 until the arrival of Gavi. Pele won the Sweden World Cup 1958 con 17 years and 8 months.

Bale with a young Ryan Giggs.
Bale with a young Ryan Giggs. PHOTO: As
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