The decline of another young talent whose career goes downhill

The decline of another young talent whose career goes downhill
Mastour, another promising youngster whose career has collapsed almost before start. PHOTO / COLLAGE: Brand

Pressure and media attention received by players today make great hopes and expectations deposited kids getting younger, in many cases causing disappointments. We have counted five deliveries players who were going to star and eventually crashed where you expose 25 cases. The latter could be the Hachim Mastour who has gone from being a commercial star with Neymar to play in one of the smaller teams in the Greek league.

The young footballer born in 1998, It was a few years ago when he was a teenager one of the young promises of world football's most promising. The Italian-Moroccan was chosen to perform various ads with Neymar at that time was another big promises. But nevertheless, one race and another has gone down a very different path.

With only 14 Reggiana and signed him to 16 the big European and fought for him. Sponsored by Red Bull, viral videos recorded challenging Materazzi or Neymar among others. Milan lunged for him and his career seemed to be called success. Although he born in Italy, Moroccan origin of his family made the selection of the African country to notice him and perhaps to avoid cases like Munir, who debuted earlier with Spain, he soon call their ranks. It became with 16 years, the youngest player to debut with Morocco.

With 17 Milan gave it to Malaga to be fogueara but his step was very discreet League, maybe too much pressure for a kid as young as. Their journey in the Andalusian lasted a season where only played five minutes in an official match. then with 18 It was loaned to PEC Zwolle Netherlands where he did not play either and ended almost in the subsidiary of Dutch group.

Now only 20 years and looking to build a career that seems to have fallen apart before you start, He has signed with Lamia, one of the bottom club in the league Greece. Time and youth have, Now we'll see if he can carve out a good career or end up in one of those lists of players who were going to star and eventually crashed.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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