How to lose a final in 3 minutes

Cómo perder una final en 3 minutos
Flamengo won the Copa Libertadores final 2019 a River Plate. PHOTO:

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Saturday 23 November came an unprecedented event in the history of South American football: the final of the Copa Libertadores of America had no leg and back but, to equal the Champions League, He was crowned champion in a match played at a neutral stadium. Somehow, the end of last year, the famous Argentine Boca superclásico – River, He had served as background. As a result of vandalism local fans, the second leg was played at the Santiago Bernabeu, which hosted the celebration “millionaire” on his eternal rival.

In this case, one of the actors was also River Plate, el campeón defensor. From the other side was the Brazilian Flamengo, high performance throughout the cup. In principle, the final would be played in Santiago de Chile, but by the state of social boiling prevailing in that country, CONMEBOL decided to be played at the Estadio Monumental, in Lima.

A foregone conclusion?

For the doomsayers football, two consecutive final played in stadiums prepared last moment could announce some mishap. But it is known that in the final of the sport, dance misfortune of one. After the age of 90 minutes, one crying and the other team celebrates. Last year, which suffered the earthquake was Boca Juniors. Who would behoove this time?

A defeat is not defeat until the whistle blows

A phrase that may sound obvious not so much during the course of the game. Before the match started betting, as in this page, They give in to favorite Flamengo. However, favoritism changed drastically after Borré Rafael Santos opened the scoring with a right half-back that slipped under goalkeeper Flamengo. The team led by Marcelo Gallardo was demonstrating, otra vez, its mystical copera, its strength when disputing a final. Once the lead, River became a machine oiled attack, with the usual dynamism of its sides and rapid transitions. Besides, Javier Pinola defender was playing the game of his life. Flamengo, despite being disadvantaged, could not hurt. Gabriel, star striker, It was pure frustration.
The turning point

En el segundo tiempo, Flamengo pushed without too many ideas. River not far behind, with some middle-distance shots. To the 56, Brazilians were about to tie, after a series of rebounds in the area and a controversial hand of De la Cruz that neither the referee and the VAR charged. After, There were some arrivals until, to the 89, “Gabigol” he pushed the ball into the net after a great play by Bruno Enrique. Y to the 92 minutes came the final blow, after the error until that moment impeccable Pinola. “Gabigol” He found a ball given in area and finished down, the right of an Armani could not stop the missile.


as we saw, the development of a football game can change previous forecasts, and new forecasts can change again in just 3 minutes. It happened at that incredible victory 2 a 1 of Manchester United over Bayern Munich, in 1999. It's what was enough for Flamengo to be crowned champion of the Libertadores after 38 years.

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