The Ballon d'Or Messi: tribute or injustice

The Ballon d'Or Messi: tribute or injustice
The Ballon d'Or Messi: tribute or injustice. PHOTO: The Spanish

The star of Argentine football, Lionel Messi, He was honored by the Spanish Football Federation with the Ballon d'Or, but, Is this an injustice? Let's analyze

The controversy after the Golden Ball in honor of Leonel Messi

The arrival of Leonel Messi to Argentina selection and makes 15 years, he could not better fall football industry, one promising young scoring many goals and it was so good that soon became one of the main cracks of the sport in the last decade and whose fame transcends all borders.

Lionel was the subject of media attention during 15 years by the way scoring points for his team and his particular way of bringing the game; it was as safe as betting bet the largest online roulette site; that is to say, the team that had, almost certainly win most games.

But nevertheless, today doubt about this award lies on the player, because not everyone agrees with this. The arguments, among many others, include the young athlete has decreased their quality of play and, today, Barca's superiority lies at the feet of other players.

Reasons to award the prize to Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi figure has been influential for football over the years, especially for the Barcelona and Spanish football, who have valued and better exploit its potential selection Argentina during the global own past. Of course Messi was the disgust when they managed to take the cup at the World Cup in Brazil and instead was awarded the golden boot, almost like a consolation prize by FIFA.

further, it is very likely that the star will retire in the coming years, why the Spanish Football Federation did not want to let the opportunity to pay tribute to the player who for so long has kept a good attitude of cordiality and outstanding relations with the association.

Added to this, the RFEF (Real spanish soccer federation) he erected a statue in his honor in Las Rozas complex in Barcelona. Another great reason to pay tribute to Messi, It is that today is considered the greatest football idol in the history of Barca, It is he who holds a higher concentration of fans around the world, and not only in Spain or Argentina.

Reasons not to award the prize to Lionel Messi

After France Football published the results of the ceremony of the Golden Ball, It was when major controversies arose. The first is that the vote was very tight, winning by just seven votes in the Liverpool player Virgil Van Dijk.

This result prompted many fans to wonder whether the ceremony would not have been fraudulent. But the truth is no, the result was clean, and it was very tight. What does happen is that slowly approaching the time to say: Messi time has passed. And is that, He bet on Messi's like betting on two dozen roulette online at http: //, that is to say; the probability of winning is incredibly high.

Other players are contesting the status that has Lionel against virtually all indicators; to obtain that distinction talisman. Arguably Messi is still the best player in the world, But not by much, as others are about to rob the place.

How many gold balls have Messi?

The star, Today it is creditor 6 gold balls, the first of which won almost a 98% of votes. Apart from the golden ball, Messi also has a lot of prizes that position it as the best in the world.

to get started, have 9 League Cups, 6 King cups, 8 Supercopas, 4 Champions League, 3 UEFA, 5 golden boots, 6 LFP and finally 4 top scorer in the Spanish league. Questioning the ball Messi deserves gold is foolish, since the prize was already awarded and Messi will give the fans, so that, fair or not, Lionel and carries his 6th Golden Ball.

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