Flamengo, Libertadores champion 37 years later after a historic final

Flamengo, Libertadores champion 37 years later after a historic final
Flamengo became champion of the Libertadores 37 años después.

The final of the Copa Libertadores has been the biggest year ever. And is that for the first time in history, the main club tournament in South America has decided to single party. Brazil's Flamengo is the new champion after beating River with a spectacular comeback in the final minutes. He Final analysis of the Copa Libertadores 2019 He deserves a prominent chapter in the history of this tournament.

The Monumental de Lima has been the site of this first experience, a buen seguro, will continue in the next editions. The duel pitted two teams with very different realities. On the one hand, a club with no experience in this type of scenario, Flamengo fronting his second final of the championship. In earlier date 1982. For another, one of the dominators in recent years, el River Plate, Reigning champions contesting their third final in terms of years. In the previous, He earned his eternal rival, Boca Juniors, in a tie that was played out of the second leg the Bernabeu in Madrid. Riots in Buenos Aires led to the Conmebol to change the format of the final towards a single match on neutral ground.

River Plate began mourning imposing their higher quality and favoritism, for all households pointed to an Argentine victory in Peru. And he soon found his best prize available on the lawn. Fifteen minutes of play, Rafael Santos Borré hooked a ball inside the area after a good collective action of yours and opened the scoreboard. Good entry into the party of the 'Millionaires', who knew how to impose his experience in finals against a rival to which he was beginning to make great stage.
The poise and the ability to handle times are determining values ​​in such meetings. And understand River knew perfectly during 89 minutes of play despite not having on ball. The final data, 61% possession for Flamengo, shows that you can be winning even dropping the ball. But racanería River took its toll Flamengo, to which cost him overcome Early goal, He pulled hard work and effort to survive. The Brazilian team played the final of the Copa Libertadores 37 years later and was not a matter of throwing overboard. But mastering the game did not translate into the danger necessary to tie. Armani had to intervene on occasion.
Awaited glory Flamengo in the final stretch. When it seemed that the title would go to the Monumental in Buenos Aires, Brasileira hobby and resigned, Gabriel Barbosa appeared to change history. 'Gabrigol’ He tied the minute 89 and he completed the comeback in '91′ with two spectacular flashes that are worth a Copa Libertadores. There are new idol in Brazilian football and new continental champion, and Flamengo, that reigns again after nearly four decades of vacuum.

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