The Best Spanish Soccer Players in History

The Best Spanish Soccer Players in History
Who are the best players in the history of Spain? PHOTO: Brand

Who are the Best Spanish Soccer Players in History? The Spanish team is one of the few combined to possess the triple crown football: world, European Championship and Olympic gold. Based on a league of the world's most powerful, along its already extensive history, by the Red it has been players who have left their mark and a permanent reminder for any aficionado not only Spanish, but world football. Therefore we will try to develop such a complicated list as subjective as this.

The Best Spanish Soccer Players in History

Xavi Hernandez: possibly, the creator of all. One day Luis Aragones gave the baton team and created a team where the ball had music. Father style touch and movement. The man who never lost the ball, He is playing and did play better than had side. A genius, bronze ball three times with a track record with the Red which have allowed her to have two European Championships, a World Cup and a silver medal in Sydney 2000, interestingly marked where a goal in the final.

Luis Suarez: The architect, a genius of the short pass or long, vertically or horizontally. The only Golden Ball born in Spain. The player who was the mastermind of the first great success of the Red: the European Championship 1960. His career went to Italy, where it is valued perhaps more than in Spain, but not forget that one of the greats of football Iberian. Spanish coach was in Italy 90.

Andres Iniesta: to say it was the man who scored the goal that gave the only World Cup in the history of Spain would be better to include it in the list. But it is also, they already know. He haggled as anyone and was next to Xavi median axis of the best Spanish team in history. He was born in Brazil, He has won several gold balls. He had to settle for silver.

the best Spanish players in history
Iniesta scored the goal that gave Spain the World 2010. PHOTO: As

Iker Casillas: five times declared the best goalkeeper in the world by the IFFHS, his hands have enabled miracles, titles and all the unimaginable. With the, the jinx of penalty shootouts broke, of the quarterfinals and so many other curses. Excellent one-on-one and with impressive reflexes, You never can understand how at some point questioned his performance. The 1 May 2019 He puts the world on tenterhooks when he suffered a heart attack at 38 years while training with Porto which fortunately, he recovered.

Fernando Hierro: The marshal. defensive midfielder or central. A leader. Charisma, good ball, great physical power, extraordinary in the air, one of the best central defenders in football history, who just he missed a great title to recognize his career with Spain. And above all, one of the top scorers in the history of Spain. Five goals in World, one against Switzerland which is a work of art. Russia coach accident 2018.

Raúl González: the “7”, the “eternal captain”, “which never does anything”. He won it all for fifteen years at Real Madrid being an emblem, a banner, a myth. With the selection became the top scorer until the appearance of David Villa. But nevertheless, He failed at important moments. A penalty clouds in a quarter-final against France in Euro 2000 and a final nothing according to a player of his stature against Northern Ireland spotted a little history one of the best ever.

David Villa: Golden Boot at Euro 2008, author of five crucial goals in the World 2010. A specialist on penalties, In the area, in middle-distance shots. Employee, disciplined, mobility, Guaje has all that and much more. Possibly the best striker in the history of Spain.

Emilio Butragueno: a front carving “superior” not measure, but their opportunism and vision to see door. Quétaro established him as an international legend four goals to Denmark. But, Moreover, There is much more. There is a full of titles in Madrid and dozens of career goals with the Red.

Telmo Zarra: the author of the much more important to World 2010. The best head after Winston Churchill said about him in years 50. And maybe it did. Six times top scorer in the league, It holds the record for being the top scorer in the league in the same season 38 goals in 30 meetings.

Ricardo Zamora: 46 international matches. A myth, a legend. The Divine. Real Madrid he paid 100.000 pesetas at the time by the media figure of the first third of the twentieth century. He starred in films, You had own stops (Zamora) and it was simply the best. While the trophy to the goalkeeping in Spain bears his name.

Zamora, the media player in the history of Spain.
Zamora, the media player in the history of Spain. PHOTO: As

Other players worthy of mention: Santillana, Camacho, Luis Enrique, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Carles Puyol, Andoni Zubizarreta, Michel, Rafa Gordillo, Luis Arconada or Sergio Ramos.

*not taken into account 39 players not born in Spain as Alfredo di Stefano, Puskas Ferenc who wore the Red.

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  1. And obviously, is not available Stefano di & Co., because they are not Spanish… Finally a note of the worst.

  2. When you put that if Brazil would gold balls, you've taken all I had to objectivity was little… Who was going to get the golden ball? A messi at its best? A Christian? There are many better players than at this time and in a 8 years, I can give you a list, and say that when you start is almost impossible to stop… Perhaps it would be true if started ever, I know never start in the race, always wait for neymar messi or suarez to give verticality…

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