Luis Suarez, architect Football

Luis Suarez, architect Football

Hanging by the Football presents Luis Suarez, the best Spanish player of all time, the “architect Football” of the years 60. A true legend of European football who developed his career between Spain and Italy with equal success and today can still boast of being the only player born in Spanish territory that has been Ballon d'Or.

Born in 1935, Luis Suarez is one of the best midfielders which has given the sport in its history. Technically a prodigy with the ball at his feet, He had the power to put the ball wherever he wanted. With a vision of incomparable game, his passes where it seemed there was nobody won him to be dubbed from early architect. And is that something that would serve children playing in the streets of Galicia with rag balls.

Luis Suarez spent much of his life in Italy.
Luis Suarez spent much of his life in Italy.

Despite being a very goal inside left (Barcelona came to get 62 goals in 126 meetings), Its main feature was its positioning on the field, absolutely outstanding. It was so good, that even Alfredo Di Stefano at Real Madrid to the charms of Suarez surrendered.

And the Galician if anything stood out was by pouring distill class. So that 1960 He was named Golden Ball, being the only Spanish to get this award. Together with him, two balls silver and one bronze they recognized his extraordinary work on the pitch.

Suarez's career was based on four teams, but with a common link: wherever he was succeeded and made his team win, something very difficult to achieve. His first steps gave Deportivo Coruna. 17 parties were sufficient for the Barcelona realized its category and fichara in 1954.

With Barca, Suarez category rose to become a football legend. At a time when Madrid won the European Cup after European Cup, the “architect” He succeeded many times to overshadow one of the best teams in the world.

Especially in the last stage where obtained two leagues, Cups and two Copas Trade, In addition to reaching a final European Cup would lose in the famous end of poles Bern. His only final loss. With colleagues like Kocsis, Kubala or Ramallets among others, no one stood out as much as Suarez, the heart team.

His extraordinary last two seasons (1960-61) He earned him the golden ball and a stellar signing for Inter Milan, what did you pay 250 liras million (some 200.000 euros) of the time to gain Galician.

In Italy, in the great “Inter” he was the best of Suárez. His role in midfield made him an idol in the hobby, which soon he proclaimed his favorite footballer. his passes, On arrival at goal and his intelligence on the field they were reflected in new successes, where they excelled especially three Scudetti, two European Cups and two Intercontinental, as well as numerous individual awards.

Suarez won many titles with Inter.
Suarez won many titles with Inter.

His extraordinary role led him how could it be otherwise play with the selection, with which also triumph. Much of triumph at Euro 64 He corresponded to the Galician who led a dream team with Iribar, Chus Pereda, or Marcelino, the author of the goal that gave the first great triumph of Spain. Only World, where he participated in two (Chile 62 and England 66), they resisted him.

In 1970, after nine wonderful years at Inter, Suarez was signed by Sampdoria, particularly where it began its decline, until finally in 1973 He hung up his boots.

His time as coach

After finishing his playing career, Suarez led the Spanish team among 1988 Y 1991, classifying for the World Cup in Italy, where Spain defeated against Yugoslavia would fall in overtime after a goal by lack of Mijhailovic, where apparently Michel turned away from the barrier. But that's another story.

moment, enjoy the great Luis Suarez, one of the best players in the world despite not being on the list 125 best in the world by Pelé and FIFA. And is that perhaps, if we were to have included, It would have taken more than any of the top.

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