Some reasons why the football 90 molaba, and a lot

Some reasons why the football 90 molaba, and a lot
Summer trophies as the Teresa Herrera were very important in football 90. PHOTO: La Opinión de Málaga

The football 90 It was something else, either because one saw it from the perspective of childhood and adolescence later, or because they say many times that any past was better, but the football world had things in last decade of the twentieth century that rises, and a lot. Then you remember a few.

The balls of the time

They were not color, They not usually changed every year and design the football 90 It was much more attractive than now.


Pc Football, the first and best manager in history

Football 90
The PC was the best game Football Manager history.

Footballers of 90 They were strong, ugly and formal

Football 90
In Spain the average player wore this manner as castiza in the early 90. PHOTO: BRAND

The presidents of the League were something else

The presidents of teams Football 90 They were another story. Quite a show.


Those mythical games against drugs

Football 90
Jesus Gil and Lorenzo Sanz in one of the legendary games against drug half the 90. PHOTO: BRAND

Sports carousel….GOOOAAAL in Las Gaunas!

Football 90
GOOOL in Las Gaunas was a classic of Spanish football. PHOTO: BRAND

Missing stadiums

Football 90
The old Carlos Tartiere always recorded good atmosphere. PHOTO: Brand

Referees black and physical peculiar

Football 90
Andujar Oliver arbiter of 90, black dress on a Barcelona-Madrid 1993. PHOTO:Brand

Those legendary coaches

Football 90
John Benjamin Toshack It was one of those coaches Mythical 90. PHOTO: Brand

Those legendary games of the 90

Those games of 90 in which you spent hours. PHOTO: Captura Supersidekick

All footballers wore black boots until near the end of the 90

soccer of the 90
All footballers wore black boots until the late 90. PHOTO: Athletic feeling


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