The best quotes of John Toshack

The best quotes of John Toshack
"I'm a sympathetic bastard". John Benjamin Toshack. PHOTO:

John Benjamin Toshack It is a peculiar type and possibly one of the most controversial coaches in the world. The Welsh, It has always been known for having a too special character to the pair of humor peculiar. He trained at the Royal Society in several stages, Real Madrid with whom he broke records, Deportivo La Coruna and the Welsh team among others. Perhaps forgotten in recent times, he left throughout his career many pearls in the form of sentences passed into history.

The best quotes of John Toshack.

“Mondays always think about switching to ten players, Tuesday at seven or eight, Thursday four, Friday two, and Saturday and I think they have to play the same fuckers”

“All coaches are dismissed… but it is always better to be cast by Real Madrid for another club”

“My players have run across the field today like headless chickens. It is difficult to do worse”

“You are more likely to see a pig flying over the Bernabeu I rectify”

“With the front pages of newspapers only tend to agree with the date and price”

“I've talked to players of all this lies and bullshit that is coming”

“¿Chernobil?, thought was a left-back emanated from Kiev”

“In my previous life I was criticized for not wash dirty clothes in the dressing room, but I was three months washing and never dried”

“A few days ago I was watching a game in Vallecas: Takes the keeper, a player gives head and later shot goes off the field and seeps through the bathroom window of a house, where they were all clapping from the terrace”

“The decision depends on… how I woke up Sunday morning”

“Pressure has people who are unemployed, those who are unemployed, no players”

“La Liga is the bread and butter and cream is the Copa del Rey”

“We can not be geniuses and idiots Wednesday Saturday”

“I will frame this fine and put it in my bathroom”

"Benito Floro is a good coach, but you have no idea of ​​football bitch "


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