Casillas or Diego Lopez, Who should be Real Madrid's starting goalkeeper??

Casillas o Diego López, ¿quién debe ser el portero titular del Real Madrid?

Last update 23 August, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

Casillas or Diego López? Who should be Real Madrid's starting goalkeeper? The eternal question, no answer is still raising not a little dust in the white environment. José Mourinho started a debate that seemed to be settled with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti. Sin embargo, nada más lejos de la realidad, the first line-up of the transalpine technician granting the title to Diego López has rekindled a fire that threatens to spread throughout the season and that we will now analyze in detail.

Moving away from all possible subjectivity (within the inevitable that this is) It should be said that Iker Casillas is according to the IFFHS the best goalkeeper in the world in the last five seasons, He is also the man who has worn the national shirt the most times (149) and one of the architects of the Eurocup 2008 (where he stopped two penalties in the quarterfinals to Italy), del Mundial 2010 (where he stopped a penalty to Paraguay in the quarters and a one for one to Robben) and the Eurocup 2012, where he was decisive again against Portugal. He is also the goalkeeper who has played the most games with Real Madrid 476 y 488 goals against in them.

Winner of two European Cups and five Leagues, no collective title can resist him apart from an Olympic medal or a UEFA Cup, competitions you've never played. Fast, agile under the sticks, He stands out in one for one and in his excellent reflexes that have made him save many goals.

In front, Diego López is not a man of titles. Just one league as a substitute in 2007 with Madrid and three meetings with the national team. Younger than Casillas six months (son del 81), López stands out for his serenity, his safety in aerial balls and for being a sober goal, without great successes, but without big mistakes.

Diego López es el portero titular del Real Madrid ahora mismo.
Diego López is the starting goalkeeper of Real Madrid right now.

Maybe Casillas is more spectacular, better in reflections and in the one for one, but López is in high balls, with the ball at the feet and in good shape. Because this is where the big question comes: Should a coach remove a goalkeeper who is “coming off”? Casillas is good, very good and there is no doubt that he will be a monster of the goal again, but Diego is more confident right now, blessed, saving everything that can be saved and a little more.

So putting Casillas would be a sin right now. First for the club that would show that the “established regimen” he counts and a lot and he is not given opportunities for those who deserve them and second for Diego López himself and the fans, who knows how to value the work of the latter with increasingly loud ovations.

Possibly more those who wish to see Casillas between the three suits, because it would also calm the waters, but also, and being fair, Diego López is right now a step above Casillas and any goalkeeper in Spain. And is it that right now there is someone better than Lugo?

Score of each:

Security: Casillas 7- López 8

Ball overhead: Casillas 6- López 8

Reflexes: Casillas 9- López 7

With the foot: Casillas 4 – López 7

Cunning: Casillas 8- López 7

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