Painting the streets for the World 2014 a striker of Brazil in Russia 2018

De pintar las calles para el Mundial de 2014 a delantero de Brasil en Rusia 2018
Gabriel Jesus painting the streets of his neighborhood before the World 2014 when he was just a kid more. Photo:

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Life sometimes has unexpected twists that can take a person in no time to go from one extreme to another. Especially if you're a kid from a poor family in Brazil and in four years you have become a millionaire, a star in English football and one of the references of the football team in your country. Gabriel is the case of Jesus by the City paid 33 Palmeiras million euros in 2016 and that in 2014, He painted the streets of his neighborhood for the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Footballer himself just 21 years, He shared some time in their social networks an image of his World previous amount when he was a teenager. It will be seen painting the sidewalks of your neighborhood, barefoot and leaving this message: "Painting the streets for the 2014 World Cup".

Surely even he imagined that four years later would be one of the stars of the Premier and one of the players that Pep Guardiola more confident. And certainly not in their distant dreams was the possibility to go barefoot paint the streets of Brazil for the World Cup to play the World Cup with Brazil Russia. And it is that sometimes dreams come true. Gabriel Jesus is thus another of those players with an interesting story behind overcoming

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