The big surprises of the World Cup 2018

Las grandes sorpresas del Mundial de Fútbol 2018
Panama is one of the Cinderellas of the World Russian 2018

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

En cualquier deporte, provided unexpected results, football is no exception and this time we meet with the most important championship, he Mundial de Fútbol Rusia 2018 It has been full of surprises since the start of the playoffs and because of these results, promises many more unexpected situations during the meeting, so there are many options to bet that they can be winners, These sports betting can be accompanied with Coupon code Warm Welcome offering online gaming sites.

We have a surprise Panama's selectionña, first mundialista, that throughout the history of their participation in qualifying for the World, I had never managed to gain a place as a qualifier and this year finally reached his goal, although one of his players, negrito, I was injured in a friendly, and may not participate. In the same way, Iceland It will be rookie in this world. On the other hand, there are a lot of teams that were left behind in the past World Cup Brazil 2014 and that this time they managed to achieve their goal. Team also Peru He has been featured in a big surprise, it has managed to rank among the 32 fortunate to participate in the mundial de Fútbol Rusia 2018, after 36 year absence.

Other unexpected events, They were removing equipment with a great track record, European and Latin American, among which highlights the current South American champion, The team of Chile. Also USA, which it has always been protagonist, He was out. And the most unexpected surprises, the elimination of five-time world champion, The team of Italia, creating great confusion among fans, because we are accustomed to their presence in the world. Besides, another team who impressed in his performance was Netherlands, which failed to reach the playoffs or. In the same way, There are a lot of Latin players who can not asist to meet, for being injured, these are: Néstor Araujo of Mexico, Sergio Romero, Fernando Gago, Darío Benedetto y Emanuel Mammana, members of the selection Argentina, Dani Alves of the Brazil and Uruguayan Mathías Corujo.

We also have Latin promises in this world, It is the case of the central defender Roman Torres, who accompany their first Panamanian team in their World Cup experience, así como para Philppe Cotinho, the Brazilian who has become one of the strongest cards that handle Tite, It is his debut.

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