Do you know where the stars of the England team were in the World ago 4 years?

Do you know where the stars of the England team were in the World ago 4 years?
Pickford at the World Cup in Brazil 2014 I played in the English third. Photo: Twitter

Life goes by so fast and football is no stranger to it. Although it seems like yesterday, Brazil's World Cup 2014 He spent ago 4 years, and in that tournament, England,  one of the best teams in Russia 2018, performing a more discreet role. Today, British finally seem to have evolved and taken a step forward that has established itself in this World Cup and much of the blame lies with the new generation of English footballers. A litter four years ago, They were playing in remote categories of media focus.

For example, Jesse Lingard, Manchester United footballer, this year 2014 He played in the Championship, the second English, given first in Leicester (club two years later he would win the Premier) and subsequently in Brigthon. Harry Maguire made him for his part in the Sheffield United of the League One, English third and saw on TV the elimination of England in Brazil without surely imagine that would be in the next World.

Even more surprising is the case of Delle Alli. Four years ago, MK Dons played in the League One but already beginning to target ways, while Tottenham that summer would invest in him a whopping 6 millions of euros. Jordan Pickford, one of the best goalkeepers in the world that year shackled both transfers to finish at Carlisle United, also from the League One. Then or at best their dreams would imagine being on the top with the England shirt in Russia 2018 plus, It is one of the best tournament.

Vardy or others like Kane scorers were not yet a contrasting elite and kids like Marcus Rashford or Alexander-Arnold were at school and playing in his soccer academy corresponding. Today they are all part of England that after a long time, has again put the name of football islands among the best.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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