Large parties of footballers

Large parties of footballers
Ronaldinho is the king of the party.

Sex, money, drugs, coches y rock and roll. This explosive cocktail usually be present, before more than now, in many of the celebrations of the great music stars, cinema and of course football. Young people who move millions everywhere and often use their holidays or breaks to live life to the maximum advantage the Latin saying Carpe Diem. In Hanged For Football, Today touches speak of the great feasts of footballers. Here are a few:

1- Halloween and Betis: It happened the night of the Witches 31 October 2001. Benjamin called at home several staff members to a dinner party after, including Alcohol, women and many more surprises: including the arrival of Manuel Ruiz de Lopera and Juande Ramos, president and coach at the time, who came to control their players and see who slept soon. A full-fledged caught that ended with players leaving the house secretly and with a spectacular media coverage. Fortunately, Betis that year qualified for the UEFA.

2- Mexico sub 22: Aztec selection sent a sub-22 division Copa America 2011. Before yes, They should play a friendly in Quito with Ecuador. A quiet game that many were taken lightly, to the point that eight players were expelled from the concentration hire the service of prostitutes in hotel. including burglaries, definitely, one of the most controversial parties.

3- Russia, World repechage 2010: the Russian team had real world figures of football and what is not football 2009. During the play-off against Slovenia, They needed to give 100% And what if they got on their trip to the Balkan country. Slovenian room of a hotel in which lodged the Russian team became something of a local whorehouse. prostitutes, alcohol and drug stays peopled some of their most important players. “I prepared them pipes. I must be crazy to furmar that way before a match, so I told them I would not give them more. They continued drinking and playing cards”, He said one of the workers of the hotel. simply, bestial.

4- Maradona: the 10 Argentina ended badly with drugs and football, partly because he could not restrain himself to stick a good festival. Barcelona and Naples, Argentine playmaker made his good tributes. But in Paris, at a rally in Paris, Perhaps this mother went.

Two Outliers: from the party, Clear.
Two Outliers: from the party, Clear.

5- Magico Gonzalez: if he wanted, It would have been the best player in history. But his was drinking, smoke, nighter and go with women. Gossips say that when he was on trial with Barcelona, on a US tour being in a hotel alarm they sounded and he went outside. It was in the room…they already know…in company.

6- Ronaldinho Gaucho: another big global star party to which he could. Sang, danced, played football and also more things, between them, the night. maybe, that was his undoing. In Barcelona, He was caught in good company with some of her friends, of the many that had.

7- Guti: “I imagine not going to 60, but now that I can. And maybe you're right. His undeniable talent, both the midfield and night. Madrid burned, but also Istanbul, where he was about to be arrested.

Diego Tristan disguised himself in a peculiar way.
Diego Tristan disguised himself in a peculiar way.

8- Diego Tristán: this Andalusian was very fond of carnivals at his best. In one, He wore a curious suit. And the party was going much.

Stoichkov and Koeman celebrated a league with a kiss.
Stoichkov and Koeman celebrated a league with a kiss.

9- Ronald Koeman y Hristo Stoichkov: win a league is always cause for celebration, but maybe, that night the joy overflowed and things got out of pot. O no.

10- Romario: “If I do not go, I do not play well”. This man was the epitome of the party, So I had no qualms about arriving by helicopter to training if the party the night before had been far.

PD: We could talk about Paul Gascoigne parties, Ronaldo, George Best o John Terry, but they have been so many, I would not have time to read or to write.

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