Indoor stadiums in the world of football: fields with sunroofs

Los estadios cubiertos en el mundo del fútbol: campos con techo retráctil
The new Bernabéu with a retractable roof is already a reality. FOTO: @realmadrid

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How many covered stadiums are there in the world? Traditionally, the beautiful game has always been considered a game outdoors where the weather played a decisive role. Rain, frío, hot, air, snow, few were the pretexts for a meeting not be played. Sin embargo, The advancement of technology has meant that in recent years have increased the number of stadiums that have retractable roofs with which close the campus at any given time. These are some of the estadios en los que se cierra el techo.

Los estadios cubiertos en el mundo


The Cathedral of Football opened its doors in 2007 replacing the old Wembley lifelong. He did it with a stadium that has the capacity to 90.000 and people with a retractable roof to cover the stadium in no time. The total cost was 126 millions of euros. Which something want something that costs you. Es uno de los stadiums covered in the world and also one of the world temples of soccer.

estadios cubiertos
The new Wembley has a capacity for 90.000 personas.

Veltins Arena

En Gelsenkirchen It is one of the pioneering stages of putting a retractable roof. He did it in 2001, date of inauguration. Accommodating 54.000 people is the home of Schalke 04 and it has already hosted World Cup matches 2006 and the end of the Champions 2004. With a spectacular mobile dialer on the roof when it is closed, also provides for a platform that allows you to remove the lawn in a few minutes make him a suitable ground for any show. Price: 190 millions of euros.

El Veltins Arena es el estadio del Schalke 04. En él, Mourinho ganó una Champions con el Porto.
The Veltins Arena is the stadium of Schalke 04. En él, Mourinho won the Champions League with Porto.

Amsterdam Arena

Open in 1996, This one has the honor of being the first European stadium to have a retractable roof. He did it in 1996, date opened to the public. It closes in just 18 minutes on it, Real Madrid won the seventh European Cup and Chelsea last Europa League. Entre medias, France won the Euro the year 2000. Con 52.960 seating, This four-star venue (the highest distinction) cost 140 millions of euros.

El Amsterdam Arena fue el primer estadio cubierto de Europa. Sobre él y al igual que el Calderón, pasa una autovía.
The Amsterdam Arena was the first covered stadium in Europe. About it and like Calderon, passes a motorway.

Sapporo Dome

It was one of the icons of the World 2002, where he hosted the rout of Germany to Saudi Arabia (8-0) and the great match England-Argentina with the famous Beckham goal that gave the victory to European. Little, but coquettish, This Japanese enclosure allows natural grass court outside the enclosure sliding on an air mattress for it to grow, while allowing other uses of the structure, How concerts or exhibitions. The roof closes in just 20 minutos.

sapporo dome
El Sapporo Dome, one of the covered stadiums in the world. FOTO:

Detroit's Pontiac Stadium

The enclosure is not exclusive to football, but it serves essentially for meetings NHL. In the United States there are many other indoor stadiums of these features due to extreme cold that some regions suffer. Sin embargo, the fact that we appoint to this stage, is that in the first official match ever played in snowy field took place. The first match in an indoor stadium was played in a USA-Switzerland in the World Cup. 1994 which ended tied at 1. With capacity for more than 80.000 souls, its price rises to 55 millones de dólares.

En el Pontiac Silverdome de Detroit se jugó el primer partido oficial de fútbol bajo techo.
Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit's first official football match was played indoors.

National Stadium Warsaw

The crown jewel of Euro 2012. It hosted the opening match and will host the final of the Europa League this season 2014-15. With seating for more than 58.000 viewers your roof can be closed in 20 minutes if the temperature is higher than five degrees. Also it makes a beautiful way, because the cover is transparent giving the feeling of being outdoors yet. It is the most expensive stadium in the world with 485 million budgeted for construction. To top aesthetics on its roof four LEDs are located on huge screens dimensions.

El estadio nacional de Varsovia es el más caro del mundo.
National Stadium in Warsaw is the most expensive in the world.

Commerzbank Arena de Frankfurt

What has happened here is not difficult to pass elsewhere. Known at the time as the Waldstadion here fought Ali, here the World Cup matches played 74, la Eurocopa del 88 y del Mundial de 2006. remodeled in 2005, year hosted the final of the Confederations Cup, its price 126 million euros allows harboring 48.000 spectators, all under cover, as your lawn when you want. A luxury German technology.

Aquí se jugó la final de la Copa Confederaciones 2005.
Here the final of the Confederations Cup was played 2005.

National Stadium in Bucharest

It hosted the final of the Europa League crowned 2012 Atletico champion against Athletic. Until 63.000 people can get into an enclosure features 3.600 VIP box seats and a retractable roof that can be closed in just 15 minutos. Host matches of the selection and the final of the Romanian Cup, its inception in 2011 cost 226 millions of euros.

El Estadio Nacional de Bucarest acogió la final de la Europa League 2012.
Bucharest's National Stadium hosted the final of the Europa League 2012.

Friends Arena

AIK Solna's house and the Swedish national team since the ancient Rasunda was demolished a few months ago with Pele by. Accommodating 50.000 spectators and cost 300 millions of euros, They have played a few games but the first was one of the most beautiful goals ever: a Chilean more than 30 Ibrahimovic meters that went around the world. Its roof is closed in a 20 minutos.

Ibrahimovic marcó un golazo en el estreno del Friends Arena.
Ibrahimovic scored a goal in the opening of the Friends Arena.

Gelredome Arena

It's amazing that a team like Vitesse play in one of the most beautiful and modern courses in the world. But this is and you have to applaud his merit. A miniature (25.000 seating) the Veltins Arena and luxury of the Dutch league who can also enjoy some of the best singers of the moment. Its amount totals 72 millions of euros.

El Vitesse juega en el Gelredome de Arheim, un estadio con techo retráctil.
Vitesse in the Gelredome plays of Arheim, a stadium with a retractable roof.

Parking Stadium

Host the final of the Champions League the year 2000 and the European Cup Winners' 1994, It is the home of the Danish national team and one of the most historic stadiums the Old Continent. Creado en 1992 and remodeled 2009, in adverse weather conditions can be closed quickly. His only handicap is that by not having 50.000 spectators (have 48.000) You can not host the Champions League final. a shame.

Dinamarca cuenta con el Parken como estadio cubierto.
Denmark has the Parken stadium as covered. FOTO: Wikipedia

Telenor Arena

This venue located in Oslo, hosts indoor matches.

estadios cubiertos
The Telenor Arena in Oslo. FOTO: Wikipedia

Nota: in Qatar and Dubai is planned to be built stadiums roofing. In Canada and the United States there are several venues but are aimed primarily at football practice.

The new Bernabéu joins the list of indoor stadiums

estadios cubiertos
The new Bernabéu is another of the indoor stadiums in the world. FOTO: @@realmadrid

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