Major sanctions in the history of Spanish football

Major sanctions in the history of Spanish football
That was Serrano, Espanyol player after a punch from the Mono Burgos. there fell 11 Argentine parties. PHOTO: Brand

What are the biggest sanctions in the history of the Spanish League? With the enactment of 8 Diego Costa parties who will miss the final of the League 2018-19, It opens the question about what have been the precedents and tougher sanctions that have been in Spanish football. There has been the long, hard and too soft. What you have.

Major sanctions in the history of Spanish football

The largest fine in the history of Spanish football was imposed in the season 1964/65 when Joaquin Cortizo, Real Zaragoza defense,  He was banned for 24 parties to fracturing the leg Atletico de Madrid, Enrique Necklace. In 1974, the center of Granada, Pedro Fernandez, was sanctioned 15 unplayed games a crunching tackle the then Real Madrid player, Amancio Amaro.

In 1983, Goikoetxea was sanctioned 18 parties for the terrible, brutal and absurd kick that hit Maradona and it is causing injury and indirectly Argentine, the fight in the final of the Copa del Rey 1984 months later. Trifulca in that final cost them both a punishment three months, As Clos, Migueli, Andrés Sarabia, involved in the fight. Also in the 83, Lobo Diarte was sentenced to 10 parties by aggression.

The Burgos Monkey, RCD Mallorca goalkeeper at that time, It took 11 parties after leaving unconscious Serrano Espanyol striker after deal it a terrible punch in a corner. In one of the most ridiculous and shameful actions carried out by an arbitrator, Ceballos, Racing Santander goalkeeper was sanctioned in 2000 to 12partidos for allegedly assaulting the referee Prados García, who as it was found in images, He pretended to have been assaulted by footballer. Only they reduced it to 8.

Pepe was sanctioned in 2009 a 10 games for stepping on and kicking Casquero Getafe player in a match at the Bernabeu. Portuguese head he went and paid a heavy sanction. Cristiano Ronaldo was suspended 5 summer games 2017, the same as several players from Zaragoza after sticking in the Madrigal with players and fans in the decline in 2002.

Spanish football tougher sanctions
This barbarity of Pepe cost him 10 match ban. PHOTO: As

Diogo of Real Zaragoza and Sevilla's Luis Fabiano, They were also punished 5 parties for his shameful and comic at the same time fistfight in 2009 where they hit her shadow and did not get to hit any blow on the other.

Stoichkov was sanctioned 6 months whistle to referee

It happened in 1990, a Barcelona-Real Madrid at the Camp Nou. Bulgarian who sinned excess character came to protest a decision by match referee, Urízar Subdivision. It is not known what crossed his mind to great and controversial footballer, but the truth is that the referee stepped, fixing his heels. This will cost a penalty for Stoichkov 6 months but eventually It was reduced to 2

Severe action Javi Navarro Arango had a penalty too light

Say a word or bombastic insulting the referee must have a harsh punishment as in the case of other sanctions that have seen. What can not be is that they have less punishment than an aggression that could leave more serious consequences.

In the season 2004-05, Javi Navarro, then Sevilla player, He struck a terrible nudge the neck Venezuelan Juan Arango, then RCD Mallorca player, which nearly cost him his life to the South American footballer. Valencian center just fell off 5 parties in an action that was much more serious.

further sanctions in the history of Spanish football
This ation Javi Navarro put in grave danger the Venezuelan Arango who was about to have very serious consequences for your life. It cost only 5 match ban. PHOTO: As




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