Some of the most ridiculous actions carried out by referees

Algunas de las acciones más ridículas protagonizadas por árbitros
Prados well IOL having an affair. FOTO: Brand

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What are the most riçiculas actions carried out by referees? The figure of the referee is always in the spotlight. From the time when the braids were dressed entirely black and were called cockroaches. With the passage of time, Things have not changed. Sometimes polemical, successful and equally misguided, the truth is that rarely get go unnoticed.

We remind some of the most grotesque actions carried out by referees

1-Prados García Ceballos feigned aggression, Racing Santander goalkeeper

What happened in the Racing 1- Zaragoza 2 it's from the season 99-00 hardly will be repeated on a pitch. The protagonists, dos: Racing goalkeeper, José Ceballos and the referee, Prados Garcia.

What happened more than absurd. Zaragoza marks a legal goal, Ceballos, he thinks he has been marked by hand, It is to protest angrily to referee. He decides to expel, and suddenly the world you mess: The goalkeeper approaches Prados García to reproach him for the reason for his expulsion. A slight contact between Ceballos and the referee is used by Prados García to go down like a shot had died.

Interpretation, Deserving of an Oscar for best actor, Ceballos ends with being punished with twelve games, which then they were reduced to eight. The Competition Committee must have liked the performance of Prados and opted for the show, He continued honking as the rest of the season as if nothing had happened. Certainly it occupies a privileged place in the most ridiculous actions carried out by an arbitrator.

2-Rafa, do not fuck with me, penalty and expulsion

He 29 de septiembre de 1996 will go down in history as the day of ¡Rafa, do not fuck with me! It happened during a Zaragoza- Barcelona. The whole hand gained by 3-2 when a fault no apparent effect would burn the Romareda. After stopping the heart and the goalkeeper zaragocista players return to their positions, the linesman Rafa Guerrero raised the flag and required the presence of referee Mejuto Gónzalez.

From here the conversation will go down in posterity. Rafa noting that there is an aggression Aguado Couto and does know Mejuto. The referee who hesitates and does not know to do, finally follows the path of the auxiliary and points out the famous penalty and the expulsion of Aguado instead of Solana after an eloquent “Rafa, do not fuck with me, I shit on my mother, Who Sending Off?”

The play ends with Barcelona transforming the penalty and Rafa Guerrero world famous for one of the most ridiculous actions carried out by an arbitrator. It was so much like that, that from that time was very common and frequent linesman see in commercials and in many media. In any case, the play, regardless of their impact, It was a new way of acting linesmen.

3Iturralde eternalized yellow Zigic

It was the longest yellow card in football history. At stake they were disputing a day of league Valencia and Mallorca. Serb striker assembly Valencia Dragan Zigic He simulated a penalty that was not in the Vermilion area. He must have thought that the theater Iturralde Gonzalez did not like, better go to the movies. For it, It immortalized with his arm raised during 13 Zigic seconds before the yellow amazement of friends and strangers. It was one and the most ridiculous actions carried out by an arbitrator.

4-CHARLES CORVER and crime of the century

It was part of the famous "crime of the century" in the Germany-France World 82 not to find anything punishable in the brutal aggression of German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher on French Patrik Battiston, who was unconscious several minutes in the German area and also lost two teeth. The action also had the Gaul nine months away from the pitch


Charles Corver la lío en el Alemania-Francia de 1982.
CHARLES CORVER the mess in the Germany-France 1982.

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