How good was Ronaldinho!

How good was Ronaldinho!
For many, Ronaldinho is the best Brazilian player in the history of Barcelona. PHOTO:

Ronaldinho He was one of the players with the most magic in memory. with his eternal smile, the brazilian gave authentic exhibitions on the pitch and off it. Although the latter is another story. Winner of the Ballon d'Or 2005 already with the Barça shirt, He had a fruitful career where he did not leave anyone indifferent..

How good was Ronaldinho!

Maybe when you think about Ronaldinho think about him Chilean goal against Villareal, or if they rush me in that goal at dawn in that strange party of the 00.05 Barcelona against Sevilla. Yes maybe, you could think of the one Stanford Bridge with barely time to assemble the leg, or the one that marked Seaman in the Korea and Japan World 2002. Or instead of goals, we remember that ball back to a teammate, such assistance looking forward site while left alone…

There would be many magical moments of Ronaldinho, but above all remember him that contagious joy, these acrobatic turns, emerged from another world…that until the Santiago Bernabeu he was kind enough to remind him with a loud ovation, something that few Barcelona footballers have been able to do. He was also the godfather of a certain Leo Messi who debuted by his side. Too good was the Gaucho.

a fruitful career

They say that his first team, the Guild, he signed it after Ronaldinho scored as a child 23 goals in the same game he alone. A feat that was within the reach of few football geniuses. And Dinho was one.

Ronaldinho's career led him to play in teams like the Gremio, PSG, the Barca, Milan, Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro, Flumimense and Mexican Querétaro. A total among all the competitions of 695 matches, 266 goals Y 166 assists.

Also in the Brazilian team with which he played the Korea and Japan World where he scored the great goal against England that we told you about before and the World Cup in germany of 2006. He also played with the canarinha in the Olympics of 2008 celebrated in Beijing. He was world champion in 2002 and gold medal in 2008. played with barely 19 years the Copa America 1999 and also 3 Confederations Cups (1999, 2003 Y 2005). Among all the selections together 165 matches, 67 goals Y 63 assists.

Ronaldinho brazilian goalscorers
Ronaldinho left a lot of magic and also some goals to get on the list. PHOTO:

sunset after withdrawal

He retired from football in 2018 with 38 years and the last news he left was when in full coronavirus crisis in april 2020, He was arrested in Paraguay for a false passport issue. He was imprisoned with his brother until June of that same year.. They were released but during their captivity, Gave him time to win a prison futsal tournament. Genius and figure even so.

football hung

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