Arthur Friedenreich, the man who scored more goals than Pele

Arthur Friedenreich, the man who scored more goals than Pele
One of the top scorers in history.

Reviewing the history books of football in the early years of the twentieth century appears on the scene a Brazilian most curious: Arthur Friedenreich, a South American of German origin who played for Brazil for more than 10 years and has behind him one of the most curious stories Football.

For starters was Brazilian mulatto mother and German father ( hence its name), mixture that caused many problems in a country which at that time did not allow the presence of blacks in your selection. To correct this characteristic of your skin, he brushed back his hair with pomade in order to look like a white and play with the canarinha.

Arthur Friedenreich, the King before the arrival of Pelé

Beyond that, it is said that this man born in 1892 he scored more goals than the legendary Pele, his collection of many reaches 1.329 many other same games, what is averaging a goal a game, only figures available to Bernabé Ferreyra and Valeriano Lopez in South America, and exceeding long the 1.284 of King. It is said that, because no one knows for sure exactly the specific number at a time when statistics were absent.

Crafty, fast, skilled, boasts in his Paulistas be seven with nine awards Paulistano top scorer. Originating from Sao Paulo, precisely the fact that city being deprived him of playing the World Cup in Uruguay 1930, his dream, because in that edition only he led Brazil Rio de Janeiro players by disputes between the two major cities of the country.

Affectionately called “the king of Kings” one he “King of Football”, just like him “Mulato green eyes”, There is a legend that is one of the few players in the world who never missed a penalty in his career as usual pitcher of them. Your password, maybe, He was that it was ambidextrous and could launch as early left and right, because the power was similar.

For many at the time, better than Pele

Raised on the streets of Sao Paulo, with pragmatic combined Friedenreich, beauty and elegance. It could get ugly goals, beautiful and spectacular. But above all, his legacy meant victory racism and segregation in the first half of the twentieth century in Brazil. Because if something changed his life was his fight against him.

died in 1969, a year before Pele did wonders in Mexico, many who saw him play said it was better than himself or Rei. Maybe, are right.

Arthur Friedenreich
Friedenreich made history in Brazil long before Pelé. PHOTO: Google
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