Luis Suarez, 26 match ban in his life but never expelled

Luis Suarez, 26 match ban in his life but never expelled

Luis Suárez is one of those soccer players who leaves no one indifferent. Sanctioned with 26 matches in his career due to bites more typical of a dog than of a person but never expelled from the field of play, The Uruguayan is, along with Diego Costa, one of those world-class center forwards who is always at the center of attention both for his unquestionable football quality and for his temperamental character. We are seeing that double side of the coin in Brazil, where as soon as he was able to knock out England with two astonishing goals packed with talent like biting an opponent again, in this case the Italian Chiellini, that it has cost him nine games of sanction with his team and four months of sanction to also meet his club.

Flagship of the Uruguayan team with which he managed to reach the semifinals of the World Cup in South Africa and win the Copa América in Argentina's Messi and which he has placed in the eighth in Brazil, their 27 years, the boy from Montevideo is an institution in his country partly also because he is the only one who has been able to score four goals with his team. Raised on the streets of the capital where he swept from a young age to help his family, and forged in the National quarry, his goals and his talent immediately led him to be signed by Groningen who paid a million euros for the services of a boy of just 20 years. A perfect catwalk to jump into Ajax, where Suarez would become famous.

Luis Suárez bit Ivanovic before Chiellini.
Luis Suárez bit Ivanovic before Chiellini.

In the rojiblanco club, Suarez would start to see the best of him. Especially in season 2009-2010 where would i mark 35 goals in 33 matches, of high quality and enormous nose for goalscorer, about his pass in the winter of 2011 to Liverpool rivers of ink were written in a transfer near the 26 millions of euros. A good deal for the English who replaced Torres with a striker who has already been able to score more than 80 goals in just three years as a forward “red” and that he has obtained the Golden Boot-tied with Ronaldo- after a fantastic campaign where he was about to lead Liverpool to the glory of winning the Premier.

However insults like his famous “fucking black Evra”, the bite to Ivanovic – what did it cost 10 match ban- or the recent one, Chiellini has been questioned by a society quite unaccustomed to seeing cannibals on the lawn. And it is that Suarez, is one of those who think that you talk about one, even if it's bad.

Why does Luis Suárez bite?
Why does Luis Suárez bite? The bite costs 4 month ban.

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