Footballers with a mustache: that vanished race

Footballers with a mustache: that vanished race

Do you know the best known players mustache? There was a time when the mustache was one of the characteristic features of society and especially some players. Today, it is difficult to see that fashion on the grass on a football field, it is almost difficult to see on a day to day because only a select few walk so unique attribute under your nose.

In a football where hairstyles change every day and where some players almost exceed their image, Mustache use has been forgotten, only for some romantic coaches who still maintain mustache Tom Selleck o Burt Reynolds.

70's and 80's's are the height of the whiskers

Uli Stielike, Bernd Schuster, Ruud Gullit, Franck Rijkaard, John Aldrige, Ian Rush, Bergomi, Paul Breitner, Rudi Voller and Carlos Caszely are some of the best known players who made her his trademark mustache

Players with a mustache
Paul Breitner with his mustache and afro revolutionized the women of 70's

The Spanish football 70'y 80's is riddled with mustaches

So is. The Spanish Iberian macho, the Celtíbero like in the movie the great and died Alfredo Landa, It was tough, hairy and if need, mustache wearing.

Tato Abbey, Joaquin, Carmelo, Idígoras, Cundi, sañudo, Larrañaga, I Calderé, Goyo Benito, migueli , Garcia Remon and deceased Manolo Preciado and Arteche are some of the Spanish players more representative of the time mustache. They were all tough guys away from metrosexual CANNON marks the current time.

Players with a mustache
Vicente Del Bosque and the late Arteche, two whiskers mythical Spanish

Vicente del Bosque always with his mustache

World champion coach and Europe with Spain is characteristic apart from its face constant sorrow, his mustache. He left it in the 70s when he played for Real Madrid and still keeps it.

Colombia players were regulars mustache in the mid-90s

When fashion mustache seemed to come to an end, they appeared. In the mid-90s when the mostacho seemed eradicated, Colombian players proudly exhibited at the World USA 94. Mustache sold in the South American country.

Players with a mustache
Colombian players wore mustaches 90's.

Today mustache no longer used

People see him very style Antonio Alcantara Tell Me, from another era. Currently they prevail difficult hairstyles or colors. Luckily we will always have it. A bridge between the past and the future. The bigotillo the great Guti. And that is always around Gutíerrez.

Players with a mustache
The “bigotillo” de Guti

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