Carlos Bilardo and Cesar Luis Menotti represent the two great currents of football

Carlos Bilardo and Cesar Luis Menotti represent the two great currents of football
Bilardismo vs menotismo. The currents of Argentine football. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

Menotti vs Bilardo, menotismo vs bilardismo. For years and even 2022, when Scaloni's Argentina won the Qatar World Cup, They were the only coaches who had made Argentina world champion

It was always said at the time that there was 2 football currents most important of the argentine soccer: he menotism, embodied in the figure of César Luis Menotti, and the billiards, represented by Carlos Bilardo. Both styles represent the great football debate par excellence: attack or defend. Hated by some and loved by others, Both coaches have in common having made Argentina world champions (Menotti 1978 and Bilardo in 1986).

Menotti vs Bilardo

What is Menotism?

Entering the detail in each of the styles, menotism, It is a game characterized by combinative play, cleansed, offensive style, characterized in that it reaches the area not pelotazos, but storey. It is a style of play that is characterized not only by winning, but to win playing well. The idea is to attack with the greatest possible number of men, the viewer fun, in this sense, it is preferable win 5-4 what 1-0.

Menotti vs Bilardo
Menotti in his time at Barça. PHOTO: FC Barcelona

This is a current seen after many teams, Barcelona as Guardiola and Rijkaard, the R.Madrid Valdano, but also huge gaps because there has been a huge amount of sets that have failed application; The most representative case is Brazil of 82, a team that played very well in the World Cup in Spain but was far from winning anything.

What is known as billardism??

At the opposite pole style football Bilardo is located. It is a strong style, aggressive, leaving aside only looking good football results. Usually it based on pelotazos to reach the area and is very sharp in the sense that compete for the ball, aggressively, seeking to hurt the opponent. Here what matters is not the aesthetics, but the result. Ok the 1-0 unfair penalty in the last minute. The end justifies the means.

With Bilardo everything is possible, since that story of white barrel, Brazilian left back, in Argentina and Brazil in Italia '90, and?, years later, Argentine players acknowledged containing sleeping pills, to the famous phrase“have written, have written”, when in a sports-Sevilla 1993, while he is training the Andalusian team, Player Sports, news to us, He is bleeding from the nose and the doctor rushed to his aid Sevilla.

Coaches who have followed this style have been many, although they stand Jose Mourinho, especially in their time of Real Madrid and Chelsea, Claudio Ranieri or Javier Clemente, all with successes and spectacular failures along their longstanding.

Carlos Bilardo," the enemy or water & quot;.
“It's Gatorei miss”

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