Who will win the World Cup in Qatar? So are the bets

Who will win the World Cup in Qatar? So are the bets
Who will win the World Cup in Qatar according to the bets?

Once the season is over 21-22, it's time to start thinking about the next season, which will be marked by Qatar World Cup, which will be the first to be held in winter, mid season, forcing the teams to have to stop their activity for more than a month. It is expected to be the most watched World Cup in history.

Y, although there is still a lot of time ahead, everyone begins to place their bets on who will be the winner. There really isn't a clear favorite, but there are several teams that can win the long-awaited cup, which was last lifted by the French national team, at the World Cup held in Russia in 2018.

In order to make a more accurate prediction, we will have to wait to see the players' fitness, possible injuries, etc. But, we can get an idea of ​​how the favorites are to win the World Cup in Qatar through the bookmakers, that certainly serve as a reference.

On the Estnn website we can see the forecasts on the Qatar World Cup champion 2022, and then we are going to show the 10 most favorite selections to win the championship from least to most favorite.

Which are the 10 Favorite teams to win the World Cup in Qatar 2022 according to bookmakers?

10- Denmark

The tenth selection according to the bookmakers is Denmark, with a fee of 29 euros. I would be very surprised if you win., although it must be recognized that in recent championships he has played a very good role, reaching the semi-finals in the last European Championship 2021, where he lost to England.

9, 8 y 7- Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium

With a fee of 13 euros appear in Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium, occupying the positions 9, 8 y 7. Three teams that have great potential and that could perfectly win the title, although at first they start in a second or third step in terms of favoritism.

6 - Germany

The sixth position is for Germany, with a fee of 12 euros, that although it is true that he has considerably reduced the potential of his team, due to casualties of important players like Toni Kroos, as the saying goes, “Football is a sport in which they play 11 contra 11 and Germany always wins”. Therefore, don't lose sight of it.

5 y 4 – Spain and Argentina

In fifth and fourth place are Spain and Argentina, both with a share of 8,50 euros. They are two of the clear favorites to win the title of champion, although they still have three others ahead.

In the case of Argentina, keep in mind that it will be Messi's last World Cup, and therefore, his last chance to lift the world cup. Something to keep in mind.

3 - France

The last world champion opens the podium, being the third favorite with a fee of 6,50 euros. It has a great team led by players of the stature of Mbappe or Benzema among others, so his victory would not be a surprise.

2 – England

Lo que it is surprising to see England as the second favorite in the bookmakers. It is true that in the last European Championship they lost against Italy in the final, but a priori, It doesn't look like you have one of the most powerful teams. has a fee of 6 euros.

1 - Brazil

As always or almost always, Brazil starts as the favorite to win the World Cup in Qatar y, if we pay attention to the statistics, this year it's your turn, since he hasn't won it since Korea and Japan 2022. Your fee is 5,50 euros.

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