Football and poker, more related than it looks

Football and poker, more related than it looks
Gerard Piqué is a classic in high level poker tournaments. Photo:


There are many players who have gone from grass to the poker tables even when active. During the last years, Many players who have been using their image and their purchasing power, They have been introduced in the world of poker. In Spain we have some examples of former players such as Santi Cañizares and other active as Gerard Piqué. Others like Neymar and Cristiano own image have also been homes Poker.

In Italy we have other great players and fans known poker and table games. Two legends like Buffon and Totti have openly acknowledged his penchant for the well-known card game. And is that the players and gambling, including online, have a relationship as open and busy. Others like Neymar and Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario are also fond of gambling houses.

But if you look from your point of view it seems to Normal. Young boys, celebrities and high purchasing power, His image serves for claims such games and participate in tournaments high economic level. Internet gambling is very common, for example in Spain participation in games like casino online in places as influential as It has risen during the crisis years.

Those are the best known but there are many less reputable players and even semi professional betting fans, which has caused more than a headache more than one, and leveraging game Slots, and offers online gaming discretion, a few euros are played in search of fortune. And it is that as they say, you only live once.

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