What is the best team or selection of history?

What is the best team or selection of history?
Spain's greatest achievement so far is the World conquered 2010.

It is known that comparisons are odious. Also unfair because different eras are always surrounded by different circumstances or different situations. But nevertheless, there is almost bound to the condition of being human tendency to compare virtually every person, every thing with some previous. Football, Of course, no exception to this rule and one of the most widespread debates is always to What is the best team ever? Eternal debate that accompanies any team or club categorically that dominates a period of time determined, not only in results, but also in terms of style and how to play. Chronologically we analyze the best teams in football history:

1- River Machine: possibly the first major team in football history. Domino Argentina thanks to a front of five magnificent as Juan Carlos Muñoz, José Manuel Moreno, Adolfo Pedernera, Angel Labruna and Felix Loustau. His success was based on the alternation and job rotation. There was no fixed position determined, Everyone did everything well. Years 40 They were his winning two league titles this season 42 Y 43. They were the forerunners of the new false and inspiring false 9. Muñoz explained the team's philosophy in an anthological sentence: “We went out to the field and played our tactics: Take the ball, Give it to me, a dribble, this, and the other goal came only. Generally, the goal was slow in coming and anguish was because the parties were not defined soon. Within the area we wanted to make clear goal, but in midfield we had fun. There was no rush”. Moreno, dicharachero summed up his character as the spent: “Yes, I like the night, and that? Do not give me that that drink milk; I took while I played bad milk”. They were called the Knights of trouble, by the desire to solve games in the last minutes.

2- Hungary 54: was the best football ever ever practiced on a field. They had everything. Voracity, goal, force, courage, race and dominated parties with such authority that seemed impossible to overcome. In fact, they were 32 undefeated wins Olympics 52 and destroying any team that put in front. Among them, England to put him 6 at Wembley and 7 in Hungary, and of course Germany which won 8-3 in the group stage of the World Cup in Switzerland. The problem is that the same Germany on a rainy afternoon beat them when they should not lose: in the World Cup final. It was the miracle of Bern. The Ferenc Puskas day, Zoltán Czibor, Sándor Kocsis, Nandor Hidegkuti, Ferenc Szusza, József Bozsik and Gyula Grosics and all that gold team bit the dust. To the best.

What is the best team or selection of history?
What is the best team or selection of history?

3- Real Madrid of the five European Cups: people, In total, Puskas, Santamaria and Di Stefano. Who has not heard of those names? It was the Madrid of the 50, in which the world's best and best striker in the world came together. The result: five European Cups, Intercontintales, Leagues and Cups Generalissimo. A great team that marked an era, the longest domain was ever made by a team. They had all possible alternatives on a football field: fantasy, tactic, goals, improvisation and a host of qualities that would take days to recount.

4- Brazil 70: Felix, Charles Albert, Brito, Piazza, Everaldo, Clodoaldo, Gerson, Jairzinho, Skin, Tostao y Rivelino…South American slight alignment led to Mexico. They had gained two World above, but none like the 70. There were five midfielders in the same XI, two side ends were, a striker who was a creator…Finally pure and fantasy. The impossible goal (28 ringtones, seven players and three turns touching included) They define a style which led a king named Pele all. Critics say they had a slow style, but they won and convinced golearon. The 4-1 Italy in the end gives witness to this.

5- The Holland 74: they did not win, but you do not need to win to make history. That, It is precisely the big lie of football. There shots to stick that are prettier than a lot of goals. He won Germany, pure engineering, but the embroidered Clockwork Orange. The front made of means, means of defense and so on until the defense mistook the rival defenses with the ends. Cruyff was the banner but Neeskens and especially coach Rinus Michels was the father of invention. Total soccer, all they defended, all they attacked for good and bad. They did not get the World, but something more, winning History.

6- Germany 74: They combined a World Cup and European Championship. They were very good, excellent, but they did not reach the bottom of the hearts of fans because it was all systematic, programmed. They had to win and earned. They were effective, solvents, German. Maier, Beckenbauer and named Torpedo Müller were responsible for all.

7- The Brazil 82: It was the most perfect imperfect team that has never been. Play only did Hungary. I had it all. Long-haul side, mediapuntas dream, creators, Zico, Socrates, definitely, Always the best selection of Brazil. But they made a mistake, had no 9 guarantees. And this, and such Rossi settled. But nevertheless. in the memory they will remain as the best in a stage, as the “Beautiful game” of the 82, as the most beautiful selection has never been.

What is the best team or selection of history?
What is the best team or selection of history?

8- AC Milan de Sacchi: a strategist and eleven soldiers who were ignoring their General. forward defense, pressing axfisiante, excellent physical preparations thanks to an invention called train in “double sessions”. It was a killing machine guns placed where Gullit and Van Basten bullets. Naples, Madrid and two European Cups, and two Intercontinental can attest to that. Over forty games unbeaten, Sacchi's obsession occupied him every minute of the day. One day approached Van Basten while the player was having lunch. I wanted to point out a detail of the game, a minor problem that seemed urgent Sacchi. Van Basten could take no more. He turned and looked at Sacchi. “while as, no”, he replied.

9- Barcelona Guardiola: Cruyff invented a style, Rijkaard and Guardiola gave way attained perfection. It was Barca's sextet, six titles. Ends glued to band, a 4-3-3 It is attacking from a defensive line in clear field and the total monopolization ball, where the opposing team could stay in a 20, 25% possession. Xavi and Iniesta took the helm, but to top it off there was an alien: Messi.

10- Spain triplet: Luis Aragones decided to do without Raúl and Cañizares and generate the mother of all teams. The only team that has been able to win Euro-World-Championship. A football chant, a perfect soundtrack where the superiority is such that bored of how good they are. The script is well: possession, Touch, movement, goal, victory and championship. Easy to say, Hard to do, but not so much if you have a Holy Trinity as Xavi, Iniesta or Silva in the middle, the best trio of goalkeepers in the world (Casillas, Valdes, Reina), the best defense ever (Alba, Ramos, Pique, Puyol) and an attack dream.

And for you, What is the best team ever?

Julio Muñoz

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