The salary cap for the teams in the league this season 2016/17

The salary cap for the teams in the league this season 2016/17

In the year 2013, Laliga and directed by Tebas, it was decided to implement a common practice in other sports and leagues from other countries, fixing the wage players templates 1st top teams in the ratio between income and expenditure. "No club or SAD may register players whose cost make exceeding that limit cost of sports staff", to avoid "losses can enter in their usual activities budgeted season" was the official definition. Based on this, These are the salary cap teams in League season 2016/17 according to a report Stage 23.

1- Real Madrid: 419,3

2- FC Barcelona: 390,7

3- Atletico Madrid: 182,8

4- Valencia: 129,7

5- Sevilla FC: 123,8

6- Villarreal: 76,9

7- Athletic Club: 61,4

8- Real society: 56,7

9- Espanyol: 47,4

10- Betis: 44,6

11- Málaga: 43,1

12- Celtic: 39,3

13- Granada: 31,9

14- Leganés: 30,2

15- Alaves: 28,6

16- Sports: 24,7

17- UD Las Palmas: 24,6

18- SD Eibar: 23,5

19- Sporting Gijon: 21,3

20- CA Osasuna: 15,6

The average salary per player for each League squad for this season, according to the English portal Sporting Intelligence It would be adjusted more or less in the cap of each club. According to the report this portal, the average salary for a player would be Barcelona 6,55 millions of euros, the Real Madrid 5,86 million and Atletico Madrid 2,99. After the Valencia would 2,04), Sevilla 1,87, Villarreal 1,57, Athletic Bilbao 1,49 and Real Sociedad 1,18. On the back of this salary we would find at Deportivo Alavés rankiung (345.000 euros), UD Las Palmas (317.000) and Leganés (316.000).

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