Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico are advocating for 2019-20

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico are advocating for  2019-20
The Big Three League, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico, betting strong in 19-20.

The season 2019-20 It is nearly here and League teams are honing their face templates a year is exciting. However it seems that the order of the league will not change much, since the Spanish tournament greats are betting very strong in the transfer market. And is that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico, in that order, They are so far the three teams who have spent this summer in Spain.

The 3 Big League exceed 200 million in expenses each

Real Madrid signings Jovic, Hazard y Mendy, has surpassed even the 300 million euros on signings. Barcelona with Griezmann (120 millions) and De Jong, He has reached the 235 million while Atletico signings like Joao Felix (129 millions) He has reached the 207 million transfer spending. In the league, Sevilla only follows them and far, with 115 million 9 signings.

This certainly, becomes one more season to the big three Spanish football today, in the favorites for bookmakers. And it's no wonder seeing the templates that are concocting, light years ahead of other teams in the league with own potential as Sevilla, Valencia, Betis and Athletic among others.

exciting duels are expected in the League

The other teams in the Spanish tournament, obviously they can not reach the figures of the great trans-Atlantic Championship, but nevertheless, most teams are strengthened well and keeping their best players in most cases. Thus we find very interesting templates as new Betis Rubi, the ever competitive Marcelino Valencia and Sevilla, fourth in the ranking of spending and is investing heavily.

But are not the only teams, Some of the middle-bottom of the table last year are reinforcing their strengths. For example Celta Vigo by signing Denis Suárez or Levante, that despite complicated in the end was the fourth highest scoring team in the league 2018-19, who keeps their best players and strengthened well. Not to mention the Royal Society, which you are forming a team to be reckoned with, full of talent and youth.

In general, it is getting a more exciting tournament, although in places like bet365 assume that the big three, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico dominate the three positions (order to be seen), other things at stake fourth place, the Europa League and the decline also seems to be very interesting.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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