The curious name reason Emerson on his shirt

The curious name reason Emerson on his shirt
Why Emerson is now E.Royal? It has a curious origin. PHOTO: ABC Sevilla
La Liga Española

Emerson Royal, Thus it appeared the name on the jersey of the Brazilian Real Betis player on loan from FC Barcelona in the preseason game his team played against UD Las Palmas and Canary tribute to striker and former team Béticos, Rubén Castro. Apparently, Rio de Janeiro side will wear the abbreviated name (E.Royal) during the season 2019-20.

So far so normal if it were not for his full name is Emerson Aparecido Leite de Souza Junior, so, Why do you call yourself Emerson Royal? For at least curious reason and that apparently is the name by which he was known before his arrival in January Laliga 2019 when he landed in Sevilla from Barcelona who had bought their rights.

The origin of the nickname Emerson Royal

Since the source comes from something as simple as a brand known worldwide gelatins and very popular also in South America. We speak as the gelatinas Royal. Brazilian footballer confessed some time ago in an interview with a Brazilian medium why his nickname.

Apparently his aunt took him resemblance to the mascot of gelatin, because the player opened his mouth wide small when she cried. “As I wept for all, my aunt took me this nickname. I got used and today know me as Royal, not as Emerson” he explained to espn Brazil in February 2019.

A nickname by which yet was known in Spanish football but during the season 2019-20 He will wear on his jersey under the symbol E.Royal.

Emerson Royal
The name of Emerson Royal is the mascot of the brand of gelatins. PHOTO:
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