Enrique Martin, a trainer of other pasta

Enrique Martin, a trainer of other pasta

Football is not very fair especially with the coaches and the best example of this would be to Enrique Martin Monreal. A coach old school, of before and a man seen from outside, maybe I should have a statue with his face on the gates of Sadar, its Osasuna Stadium. And is that Martin, temperamental and passionate technical equally, was stopped in its final stage as osasunista technician on the phone and while returning from Madrid to represent a solo act at the same club that did not hesitate to fire him in this way.

The path of Enrique Martin on the bench is long, especially in its Osasuna where he has been up to 3 stages. Club where he also had an outstanding playing career. Martin went to Osasuna 1st in 1994 and secondly between 1997 y 1999 where he managed to save from relegation to 2ªB for the first time the Reds. His last stage year and a half is also full of events.

Like in 1997, Osasuna took almost 2ªB back in May 2015 and he saved on the hood with shock in the heart and major operation including. The following season he would give an even greater stroke making it almost as a promotion in which nobody believed and which came almost a miraculous rebound qualifying for the playoff in the last league match.

However, the bad start in 1st season 2016/17 has meant the cessation of such inelegant ways occurred. Y eso pese a saber que la plantilla de Osasuna es una de las menos potentes, but the least on paper, all category. And which emphasizes the merit of a Martin who is loved by the people of Osasuna. And the fans if he recognizes merit. A man able to say goodbye to his club in such an elegant way clear. Enrique Martin, a trainer of other pasta.

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