Do we spend with referees?

Do we spend with referees?

dead, we lousy, bad professionals, thieves, few adjectives disparaging epithets at them as they make a mistake. But nevertheless, what is clear is that like any human being, they are not perfect and they make mistakes as anyone.

Like any striker when marrar an opportunity, as any goalkeeper in not tackling ball, as any defense clearing, as any president to take charge of your club, as any coach when putting an eleven of guarantees or any sporting director fichando.

But unlike them, collegiate never guess right. Days and days remain reviled in the media. Once said Pierluigi Collina, possibly the most media arbiter of history, football is not a perfect game and did not understand why the referees were asked that. And rightly he had the Italian.

A phrase for history Collina.
A phrase for history Collina.

It is true that the public standing is free to express their views, but not the means that should be more cautious and especially, respectful, starting with our. And it happened Muñiz Fernández imagine how the days after the Madrid Elche 2013/14 or any referee after a bad day. Starting with their environments, subsequent hours would be one sinvivir.

maybe, in that sense, we should learn from Northern Europe. In Germany, In England, once the match finished, the debate is over. The referee stops being criticized and is becoming a more human. At the end of the day it is what it is, and sometimes, forget.

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