The most fleeting coaches in league history

The most fleeting coaches in league history
Camacho lasted 1998 20 Rea days in Madrid.

They were seen and unseen. Ower professionals usually electric chairs for coaches who usually inhabit and it is rare, very rare, profile cases except that a coach spends more than 2 years in one place, some even that. In Colgados we remember the most fleeting coaches in league history, so much, some came to be neither three months.

other Garitano: Zaragoza 2007/08 irremediably he is marching towards the second Division. Agapito Iglesias, patron of the club and unloved by the fans, He decided to dismiss Victor Fernandez to put Ander Garitano, Former club player. Technical lasted a week and resigned. He was seen and unseen.

Quique Sanchez Flores: in the 2014/15, former Valencia coach, Atletico and Getafe same, He lived his second spell at the club azulón where he had left a good mark a decade earlier. However his second stint was so short-lived that lasted 52 days after resigning this by disagreeing with the directive azulona.

Marcelo Bielsa: a big world football as Bielsa also had a fleeting step by the League. Not by the Athletic where if completed seasons but Espanyol where in 1998 He signed as coach of the club Parakeet. Although his wanderings in the club was only 6 official matches.

Iselin Santos Ovejero: Jesus Gil crushed coaches left and right during his long career as owner of Atletico Madrid. A striking case was that of Santos Ovejero who was charged directly in the first league game of the season 1990/91.

José Antonio Camacho: Bravo Cieza coach lasted two television news as coach of Real Madrid but the most serious is that it was twice. At 98 hard 20 days and 2004 just 3 journeys.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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